Shang Kezheng

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       Shang Ke Zheng, male, born in February 1960, Ph. D., professor level senior engineer, master's degree tutor. In October 1978, was admitted to the Department of Geophysics, Peking University. graduated in July 1982 with a bachelor's degree in science. From August 1982 to July 1994, worked in meteorological support at a base of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and participated in more than ten national defense research projects. won two awards from the three awards of science and technology progress of the national defense science and Technology Commission, and two awards of science and technology progress award of the national defense science and Technology Commission. In August 1994, transferred to Lanzhou University and received doctorate from work. engaged in the teaching of integrated practice of weather diagnosis and analysis, synoptic analysis, modern weather forecast technology, atmospheric circulation, agrometeorology and weather analysis and forecast. Mainly engaged in modern weather forecasting technology and methods, Medical Meteorology and drought climate and meteorological disasters. Participated in a number of national and provincial (ministerial) level scientific research projects, developed a medium-short term weather forecast system for Qinghai, Lanzhou Military Region and a naval base, and published more than 160 papers in academic journals at home and abroad. Instruct 100 undergraduates and more than 50 graduate students to complete their theses. Won the two prize of the technological progress of the Gansu environment cup two and the two prize of Lanzhou scientific progress.

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