Li Yan

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A.General information
Name: Yan Li                      Sex: Female             Birth: Dec, 1983
Nationality: Chinese           Email:
Ph. D., 2010, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou
B. S., 2005, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou
Employment and Experience
July 2018~present: Professor, Lanzhou University, China.
June 2012~June 2018: Associate professor, Lanzhou University, China.
February 2016~February 2017: Visiting Scholar, The University of Utah, USA.
July 2010~June 2012: Lecturer, Lanzhou University, China.
September 2007~June 2010: Visiting researcher, National Meteorological Center (NMC), China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Beijing, China.
B.Research interest   
Extreme weather and climate;
Atmospheric dynamics;
Blocking highs and its relationship to extreme weather and climate events;
ENSO and its influence on weather and climate;
Monsoon in East Asia.
C.Teaching courses
Synoptic analysis;
Principle of Synoptic Meteorology.
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