Yuan Tie

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Name: Tie Yuan
E-mail: tyuan@lzu.edu.cn
Ph.D. in Atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, 03/2008
Cold and Arid Region Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Xiushu Qie, adviser
Dissertation topic: TRMM-based Studies on Lightning Activity and its Relationship with Precipitation Structure of Thunderstorms over China
M.S. in Atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, 06/2000
Lanzhou University, China
Prof. Changhe Chen, adviser
Thesis topic: Study on the retrieval of surface albedo over Lanzhou city by using GMS-5 visible channel data
B.S. in Atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, 06/1997
Lanzhou University, China
Working Experience
Professor, Lanzhou University, 07/2018
Associate professor, Lanzhou University, 05/2009–06/2018
Lecturer, Lanzhou University, 06/2004–04/2009
Research Assistant, Lanzhou University, 07/2000–05/2004
Research Interests:
Characteristics of lightning, radar reflectivity and microwave brightness temperature of convective systems.
Relationships between lightning activity and convective intensity in meso- and micro- scale convective systems.
The response of lightning activity to ENSO and climate change.
Lightning activity, precipitation structure and intensity forecasts of tropical cyclones.
Funded Research Proposals:
1.Characteristics of convective activity in tropical cyclone inner cores and its relationship with rapid intensification (No: 41375033), 2014.1-2017.12, 800,000?. Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI.
2.Study on dynamic-microphysical-electrical processes and disaster mechanism in major hazard weather-thunderstorms, 2014.1-2018.8, 558,150?. Supported by National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), Key Participator.
3.Study on the relationship between lightning flash, precipitation and cloud microphysical characteristics based on TRMM measurements (No: 40905008), 2010.1-2012.12, 190,000?. Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI.
4.Study on the characteristics of lightning flash and its relationship with precipitation structure in mesoscale convective systems over East Asia, 2007.04-2009.04, 60,000?. Supported by the Cooperated Innovation Program for Young Scholars of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PI.
Oversea Experience:
Visiting Scholar: Florida International University, Miami, USA, 09/2010-09/2011
1.Yang, Z., Yuan, T., Jiang, H., Zhang, L., & Zhang, C. 2018. Stratiform and convective precipitation properties of tropical cyclones in the northwest Paci ? c. Journal of Geophysical Research:Atmospheres, 123, 3513 – 3529. https://doi.org/10.1002/2017JD027174.
2.Tie Yuan, Yuelun Di, Kai Qie. 2016. Variability of lightning flash and thunderstorm over East/Southeast Asia on the ENSO time scales. Atmospheric Research, 169, 377–390.
3.Xueke Wu, Xiushu Qie, Tie Yuan, Jinliang Li. 2016. Meteorological regimes of the most intense convective systems along the southern Himalayan front. J. Climate, 29, 4383–4398.
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5.Xiushu Qie, Xueke Wu, Tie Yuan, Jianchun Bian, and Daren Lu. 2014. Comprehensive Pattern of Deep Convective Systems over the Tibetan Plateau–South Asian Monsoon Region Based on TRMM Data. J. Climate, 27, 6612–6626.
6.Yuan, T., and X. Qie. 2010. TRMM-based study on lightning activity and its relationship with precipitation structure of a squall line in south China. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (in Chinese), 34(1), 58-70.
7.Yuan, T., and X. Qie. 2010. Study on the characteristics of lightning activity, radar reflectivity and microwave brightness temperature of warm season precipitation systems over the eastern China and adjacent sea as observed by TRMM satellite. Acta Meteorologica Sinica (in Chinese), 68(5): 652-665.
8.Yuan, T., and X. Qie. 2008. Study on lightning activity and precipitation characteristics before and after the onset of the South China Sea summer monsoon. J Geophys Res, 113, D14101, doi:10.1029/2007JD009382.

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