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       Dr. Yuxia Ma is a Master Supervisor in Atmospheric Sciences. She received her undergraduate and Master degrees from Nanjing University of Information and Technology and Ph.D from Lanzhou Universtiy. Her research areas are focusing on weather, climate, evironment and public health; extreme weather; air pollution. Her teaching career in Atmospheric Sciences has spaned 11 years since 2007. She translated IGBP Report IGAC Plan and Implementation Strategy and took part in the Third National Climate Change Assessment Report, mainly responsible for the part of climate and health. In recent years, she chaired and participated many research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation in China, The National Key Technology Program, The National Special Research Fund for Non-profit Sector, et al. She has published about 50 papers in her research areas.
In 2014, Yuxia Ma received an award of The Eighth National Excellent Young Meteorology Technology Worker issued by Chinese Meteorological Society. At present, she is the secretary-general of Medical Meteorological Committee of Chinese Meteorological Society, members of Society of Biometeorology (ICB), American Geophysical Union (AGU) and European Geophysical Union (EGU). In 2016, she was selected to be a supervisor of “Chun- Tsung Endowment”. And during 2014-2015, she visited University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA for one year as a research scholar.
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