Long Xiao

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       Long Xiao, male, Ph.D., born in February 1972, is the associate professor and master's supervisor in College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University. He graduated from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University with a bachelor's degree in 1996 and received a master's degree in Meteorology from Lanzhou University in 1999 and then he received a doctorate degree in Meteorology from Lanzhou University in 2005. He is mainly engaged in the research of atmospheric dynamics and mesoscale numerical simulation. He has participated in and undertook scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
       The main courses taught by him are 'Dynamic Meteorology', 'Numerical Weather Forecast', 'Atmospheric Numerical Simulation', 'Fortran Language', etc.
Major works and papers published in recent years
[27] Zhao Jianhua, Long Xiao*, Zhang Feng, et al. The role of turbulent coherent structure in the formation of a sandstorm in the central region of China and Mongolia[J], Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2020, 63(11): 3967-3980, DOI: 10.6038 /cjg2020O0179
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