Wang Ying

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       Wang Ying, female, born in January 1975, doctor of science, associate professor, master supervisor. She is responsible for teaching courses such as "Atmospheric Boundary Layer" and "Air Pollution Meteorology".
       Since joining the work in 2000, she has mainly engaged in numerical simulation of air pollution, boundary layer meteorological characteristics research, and environmental impact assessment of multiple projects and plans. She has presided over and participated in more than 60 scientific research projects. She successively presided over the sub-projects of the key project of the Natural Science Foundation(Land Surface Process Observation and Experimental Research on the Loess Plateau).The sub-projects are "The Observation and Characteristic Analysis of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Yuzhong Region", the Youth Science Fund Project " Resolution Numerical Simulation Research on High PM2.5 Transport in River Valley Cities, and free exploration project of the Central University Fund "Research on Characteristics of Near-surface Turbulence on Complex Terrain", and so on. She has compiled and completed "Design Document of China Angol Hydropower Project", "Design Document of Dagushan Hydropower Project", "Design Document of Lubasi Hydropower Project" (Chinese and English), which are registered as CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects by the International Executive Council after reviewing by the National Development and Reform Commission. She undertook a number of environmental protection research such as the research on the environmental monitoring site layout of Lanzhou New District, the emergency plan for heavy pollution weather, and the atmospheric environmental capacity of Lanzhou. She compiled and completed environmental impact assessment reports for various construction projects, environmental protection acceptance of project completion, watershed development and industrial parks. She has published more than 20 related research papers.
Main published papers
1.Wang Ying and Zhang Lei. Relationship between global solar radiation and sunshine duration for Northwest China. International Journal of the Physical Sciences, 2010, 5(7): 1023-1033.
2. Wang Ying, Long Xiao, Yu Ye, Cao Yuan. Study on the Influence of Meteorological Field on Air Quality Numerical Simulation on Complex Terrain. Atmospheric Sciences, 2013, 37 (1): 14-22.
3. Wang Ying, Zhang Lei, Hu Ju, Zhang Yan. Examination of Simulation Ability of Urban Boundary Layer by WRF Model and Analysis of Surface Meteorological Characteristics, Plateau Meteorology, 2010, 29(6): 1397-1407.
4. Wang Ying, Yuan Jiuyi, Li Yongjun. Comparative analysis of two source strength optimization models in total control method. Environmental Science Research, 2001, 14(3): 52-55.
5. Wang Ying, Huo Yuxia, Hou Yanan, Pan Feng. Research on the layout of atmospheric environment monitoring points in regional planning environmental impact assessment. China Environmental Monitoring, 2011, 27(6): 33-35.
6. Wang Ying, Wang Lixia, Li Zhonghe, et al. Discussion on the layout of environmental protection acceptance monitoring plan for oilfield capacity construction projects[J]. Environmental Monitoring Management and Technology, 2015(3):61-65.
7. Wang Ying, Liang Yiling, Wang Lixia. Research on the influence of complicated terrain meteorological field on the spatial distribution of pollutant concentration[J]. Desert and Oasis Meteorology, 2015(2):69-74.
8. Wang Ying, Discussion on the Optimization Planning Scheme of the SO2 Pollution Control Area in Lanzhou, Arid Land Resources and Environment, 2004, 18(8): 24-27.
9. Wang Ying, Pan Feng, Zeng Guoxiong. Some Experience of Planning Environmental Assessment Based on the Cascade Development of Shule River, China Population, Resources and Environment, 2008, 18(5): 330-333.
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12. Lai Xiliu, Wang Ying, Yang Xueling, etc. WRF Model Different Surface Processes Simulation of Characteristics of Low-altitude Meteorological Field in Lanzhou New Area[J]. Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Science Edition). 2017, 53 (3): 329-340
13. Lai Xiliu, Wang Ying, Yang Xueling, etc.. Comparative Study of AERMOD Model and CALPUFF Model to Simulate Air Quality of Complex Terrain[J]. Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Science Edition).
14. Yang Xueling, Wang Ying, Lai Xiliu, etc. Discussion on the content of atmospheric environmental impact assessment of different gas production models for landfills[J]. Environmental Protection Science, 2016, 42(3):87-93.

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