Zhou Tian

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       Zhou Tian, male, Han nationality, doctor of science, master tutor.
Learning experience
2009/09 – 2014/07, Lanzhou University, College of Atmospheric Sciences, PhD
2012/12-2013/04, Taiwan Central University, Department of Physics, Exchange
2005/09-2009/07, Lanzhou University, School of Physical Science and Technology, Bachelor
Research fields and interests
Research on Remote Sensing Application of Aerosol and Cloud
Aerosol physicochemical properties and climatic effects
Main papers
[1] Zhou, Tian., Xie, Hai. Ling., Jiang, Tao., Huang, Jian. ping., Bi, Jian. Rong., Huang, Zhong. wei., Shi, Jin. sen. Seasonal Characteristics of aerosol vertical structure and autumn enhancement of non-spherical particle over the semi-arid region of northwest China. Atmosphere Environment, 2020, 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2020.117912.
[2] Huang, Zhong. Wei., Qi, Si. Qi., Zhou, Tian *., Dong, Qing. Qing., Ma, Xiao. Jun., Zhang, Shuang., Bi, Jian. Rong., and Shi, Jin. Sen. Investigation of aerosol absorption with dual-polarization lidar observations, Opt. Express, 28, 7028-7035, 10.1364/oe.390475, 2020.
[3] Zhou, Tian ., Xie, Hai. Ling., Bi, Jian. Rong., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Huang, Jian. ping., Shi, Jin.,sen., Zhang, Bei. dou., Zhang, Wu. Lidar Measurements of Dust Aerosols during Three Field Campaigns in 2010, 2011 and 2012 over Northwestern China. Atmosphere 2018, 9, 173.
[4] Xie, Hai. Ling., Zhou, Tian *.,Fu, Qiang., Huang, Jian. Ping., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Bi, Jian. Rong., Shi, Jin. sen., Zhang, Bei.dou., Ge, Jin. Ming., Automated detection of cloud and aerosol features with SACOL micro-pulse lidar in northwest China, Optics Express, 2017, 25(24), 30732-30753.
[5] Zhou, Tian .,Huang, Jian. Ping., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Liu, Jing. Jing., Wang, Wen. Cai., Lin, Lei. The depolarization-attenuated backscatter relationship for dust plumes,Optics Express,2013,21(13): 15195-15204.
[6] Wang, Wen. Cai., Huang, Jian. Ping., Zhou, Tian., Bi, Jian. Rong., Lin, Lei. Chen, Yong. Hang., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Su, Jing. Estimation of radiative effect of a heavy dust storm over northwest China using Fu–Liou model and ground measurements,Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer,2013,122:114-126.
[7] Liu, Jing. Jing., Huang, Jian. Ping., Chen, Bin. Zhou, Tian., Yan, Hong. Ru., Jin, Hong. Chun., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Zhang, Bei. Dou., Comparisons of PBL heights derived from CALIPSO and ECMWF reanalysis data over China,Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer,2015,153:102-112.
[8] Wang, Xin. Pu, Wei. Shi, Jin. sen., Bi, Jian. Rong., Zhou, Tian., Zhang, Xue. Ying., Ren, Yong. A comparison of the physical and optical properties of anthropogenic air pollutants and mineral dust over northwest China. J. Meteor. Res.,2015, 29(2), doi: 10.1007/s13351-015-4092-0.
[9] Bi, Jian. Rong., Huang, Jian. Ping., Shi, Jin.,sen., Hu, Zhi. Yuan., Zhou, Tian., Zhang, Guo. Long., Huang, Zhong. Wei., Wang, Xin. and Jin, Hong. Chun., Measurement of scattering and absorption properties of dust aerosol in a Gobi farmland region of northwest China - a potential anthropogenic influence, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., https://doi.org/10.5194/acp-2017-165, 2017.
[10] Zhou Tian, Huang Zhongwei, Huang Jianping*, Li Jiming, Guan Jianrong, Zhang Wu, Lidar remote Sensing Research on Cloud Vertical structures in Loess Plateau, Arid Meteorology ,2013,31(2):246-253
[11] Wen Chun, Huang Zhongwei, Zhou Tian, Zhang Jinchao, Xin Yanan, Comparative observation of ground-based polarized Raman lidar and CALIPS0 spaceborne lidar, Arid Meteorology ,2016, (05),779-788.
[1] Zhou Tian, Xie Hailing, Atmospheric Characteristic Layer Detection Method and Device, Invention Patent, 2017.9.5, 201710794637.6.
[2] Huang Zhongwei, Zhou Tian, Huang Jianping, Shi Jinsen, A Multi-channel Echo Signal Transfer Device for Lidar Systems, Invention Patent, 2016.10.21, China, CN201610915858.X.
[3] Huang Zhongwei, Zhou Tian, Huang Jianping, A Three-dimensional Scanning Multi-parameter Lidar System for Environmental Monitoring, Invention Patent, 2016.7.4, China, CN201610516867.1.
[4] Huang Jianping, Huang Zhongwei, Zhou Tian, Guan Jianrong, Shi Jinsen, Wang Xin, Multi-band Raman-Fluorescence Lidar System, Invention Patent, 2017.08.15-2034.07.28, China, ZL201410363057.8
[5] Zhou Tian, Huang Zhongwei, Shi Jinsen, Shu Jianrong, A single-channel laser radar system for detecting polarization, utility model, 2014.04.30, ZL201320709304.6
[6] Zhou Tian, Huang Zhongwei, Huang Jianping, Bi Jianrong, Shi Jinsen, Zhang Beidou, A Multi-wavelength Lidar System Echo Signal Spectrometer, Utility Model, 2016.6.15, China, ZL201620579089.6.
[7] Zhou Tian, Huang Zhongwei, Shi Jinsen, Huang Jianping, Zhang Beidou, Multi-wavelength Raman Polarized Lidar Optical Path System and Atmospheric Observation Kit, Utility Model, 2017.9.5, China, ZL201721134710.9.
[8] Zhou Tian, Huang Zhongwei, Shi Jinsen, Huang Jianping, Zhang Beidou, Lidar Transceiver and Lidar System, Authorized, 2017.9.5, China, ZL201721129496.8.
The first prize of Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award for "Environment and Climate Disaster Integrated Detection. Technology and Application", ranking: 11/12, 2019.1.14
The first prize of Young Teacher Lecture Competition, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, 2017.
Main scientific research projects
[1] Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41505011, Observation and Research on the Vertical Distribution Characteristics of Sand and Dust by Using Raman Polarized Lidar, 2016/01-2018/12, completed, as the host;
[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41430425, Observation and Research on Cloud Characteristics and Radiation Effects in Semi-arid Areas by Using Advanced Cloud Radar and Raman Lidar, 2015/01-2019/12, completed, as the backbone;
[3] National Major Scientific Research Instrument Development Project, 41627807, "Study on the Full-Time Temperature, Humidity and Rising Velocity Detection Lidar of Cloud Precipitation Potential", 2017/01-2021/12, in research, as the backbone;
[4] General Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41972019, "Observational Research on the Influence of the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Polluted Sand and Dust on Optical Properties and Radiation Effects in the Semi-arid Area of ??Northwest China", 2020/01-2023/12, in research, as the host;
[5] Fundamental Research Expenditure of Central Universities, lzujbky-2015-11, Research on the Physical and Optical Properties of Sand and Haze by Using Raman Lidar, 2015/01-2016/06, completed, as the host;
[6] Fundamental Research Expenditure of Central Universities, lzujbky-2017-58, Research on Fine Detection of Sand and Dust Aerosols by Multi-wavelength Lidar, 2017/01-2018/12, completed, as the host;
[7] Fundamental Research Expenditure of Central Universities, lzujbky-2019-42, On-line Monitoring Technology and Application of Atmospheric Particle Morphology, 2019/01-2020/12, in research, as the host;
Address: Guanyun Building, Lanzhou University, 222 Tianshui South Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province
Postal code: 730000
Email: zhoutian@lzu.edu.cn

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