Li Geqing

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Learning Experience
September 1988-July 1992, she was an undergraduate majoring in Weather Dynamics at Chengdu Institute of Meteorology
September 1998-July 2001, she was a graduate at the Department of Computer Science in Lanzhou University
Working Experience
July 1992-September 1998 Assistant Engineer, Atmospheric Science Coefficient Simulation Calculation Room, Lanzhou University
September 1998-December 2002 Engineer, Atmospheric Science Coefficient Simulation Calculation Room, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University
December 2002—present Lecturer, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, Director of Network Computer Room
Courses for Undergraduate
Pascal Language, C Language, FORTRAN Language, Computer Fundamentals, Data Structures, Software Engineering and Graduation Design, Database Principles and Applications, Computer Network Engineering, Applied Meteorology, Environmental Weather Forecast.
Research Direction
1. Numerical analysis of computer simulation of different climate characteristics;
2. Forecast of environmental changes and air pollution;
3. Digital image analysis, data processing, numerical analysis, data mining algorithms for data information, etc.
Advanced Individual in Laboratory Construction of Lanzhou University, Excellent Class Advisor of Lanzhou University in 2005
Contact, 1704 Comprehensive Building

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