Lanzhou Weather Climate Joint Research and Training Center Unveiled

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       On Nov 5, the signing and unveiling ceremony of Lanzhou Weather-Climate Joint Research And Training Center jointly founded by Lanzhou University and Gansu meteorological bureau was held in office 201, Yifu science museum in the west district,Lanzhou University Chengguan campus.Tao Jianhong, deputy director of gansu meteorological bureau, and pan Baotian, vice President of Lanzhou University, attended the unveiling ceremony.
      Pan Baotian and Tao Jianhong jointly signed the 'Lanzhou Weather and Climate Joint Research and Training Center Co-construction Agreement' and unveiled the center.
       In his speech, Pan Baotian extended warm congratulations to the establishment of the center, and thanked the Gansu Meteorological Bureau for its long-term strong support to Lanzhou University. He said that Lanzhou University ’s atmospheric sciences, as one of its four first-class disciplines, is equipped with strong capacity in scientific researchand development potential; Lanzhou University and Gansu Meteorological Bureau, havingrespective advantages and achievements in the research of arid and semi-arid climate change, will effectively promote the training of first-class atmospheric science talents, enlarge the output of first-class scientific research results, and strengthen the construction of first-class disciplines after the center’s establishment. He said that Lanzhou University will give full support to the center in terms of conditions and personnel protection.
       Tao Jianhong said that on the base of a solid foundation of cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation between the Gansu Meteorological Bureau and Lanzhou University, the signing of the joint construction agreement and the establishment of the center will build a wider cooperation platform for both sides. He emphasized that the Gansu Meteorological Bureau will take effective measures to create better conditions for their cooperation, in hope that the two sides will complement each other, forge ahead, and work closely to continue to stimulate innovation and synergy to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development,making greater contributions tometeorological modernization and local economic and social development.
       Tian Wenshou, dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, introduced the preparation of the center. The leaders of some functional departments of Lanzhou University and Gansu Meteorological Bureau, members of the party and administration team of the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, and some teacher representatives attended the unveiling ceremony.
       News background:
       In order to fully implement the New Age National Undergraduate Education Work Conference and the Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Education and China Meteorological Administration on Strengthening the Training of Meteorological Talents, Several Opinions of Lanzhou University on Further Deepening the Reform of Undergraduate Teaching and Improving Teaching Quality Spirit, implement the 'three initiative' working ideas of the college's party committee, and further promote the development of a high-level talent training system and first-class disciplines, Lanzhou University and the Gansu Provincial Meteorological Bureau, after about one-year consultation, cooperated to build a 'Lanzhou Weather and Climate Joint Research and Training Center. ' The Center will complement resources in areas such as joint research on core technologies, joint training of advanced forecasting talents, and joint application of scientific research projects, and strive to build a scientific and technological innovation platform integrating production, learning, research, and training to promote the coordinated development of universities and meteorological departments.
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