Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind: The Party Committee of College of Atmospheric Sciences in Lanzhou University Solidly Advancing the Thematic Education in Order

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       According to the unified arrangement of Party Central Committee and the university party committee, the thematic education of “remain?true?to?our?original?aspiration?and keep our mission firmly in mind” has carried out all over the country.The party committee of College of Atmospheric Sciences in Lanzhou University, with great importance, meticulous organization, and overall arrangements, promotes the work in a solid and orderly manner. The thematic education and the central work have been organically combined to realize the common progress of material and spiritual civilization.
       Review and formulate plans in accordance with practice. The party committee of the college has held several meetings to review and formulate educational work plans, time schedules, study and discussion schemes, research plans and so on, and submitted them to the university’s eighth steering group of thematic education for review on time. All work areorderly carried out in strict accordance with these plans after their adoption.
       Prepare seriously with active mobilization and arrangement. After the mobilization rally in the whole campus, the committee carefully organizes the study and transmission of the spirit of the meeting. Based on this, it prepared carefully, and held a mobilization meeting with arrangements on September 27 within the party committee members and all branch secretaries to carry out the college’s thematic education.
       Give a lead and promote theoretical learning orderly. Members of the college’s leadership lineup take the lead in carefully focusing on eight topics, taking the form such as party committees, and strive to combine personal learning and keynote speeches with discussions and exchanges, to combine theoretical study with practical work. Six topics have been completed. At the same time, the college party committee purchased and distributed special education notebooks for each party member, which provided convenience for party members to seriously carry out self-study.
       Carefully organize and carry out investigations and studies. Taking into consideration of the central work and their respective divisions of labor, the leading members adopt the spirit of “discovering the root cause of the problem”, focus on party building, ideological and political work, and first-class discipline construction, and conduct surveys and studies through forums and questionnaires, actively claim issues and build a list of issues. At present, the investigation report of the leaders of the party and government of the leadership team has been submitted to the steering group, and the investigation reports of other team members have been submitted to the college party committee.
       Innovate the form and actively carry out practical activities. During the National Day, the college party committee organizes all party members to take part in thematic activities with branches as a unit and watch the patriotic film My People, My Country. From October 19th to 20th, the college party committee organized all party committee members, branch secretaries and branch committee representatives to go to Gaotai County, Zhangye City of Gansu Province to carry out 'find footprint, follow the party, keep the original heart and shoulder the mission'-the theme of the red revolution education and training experience activities to inspire everyone to remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, to learn and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Gansu where he delivered important speeches and instructions, to inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the Western Army and the spirit of the party’s struggle, and to devote their enthusiasm to their work and to the construction of first-class disciplines.
       Apply what we have learned to strongly advance the central work. The party committee of the college insists on learning for practice and integrating knowledge with action, and strives to use the thematic education as an important driving force to promote the various tasks of the college, so as to achieve the common progress of material and spiritual civilization.
       At present, the annual tasks of the college are well completed. The application letter of the “Double First-Class” construction project in 2020 has been submitted to the College after repeated researches and discussion. The construction of the “Belt and Road” radar observation network and  the Lanzhou Station of the second-phase Meridian Project is underway. The Lanzhou Weather and Climate Joint Research and Training Center co-constructed by the Provincial Meteorological Bureau is about to be listed, and the first atmospheric component super-observation station in Gansu Province, which is built by the Gansu Provincial Department of Eco-Environmental Protection, will be accepted soon. Based on the recommendation of the College, the “Double Ten Thousand Plan” has passed the preliminary examination of the teaching and steering committee after a defense.
       On the basis of continuing to carry out study and education, the Party Committee of the college will carefully organize and hold research results exchange meetings, special comparison meetings of party constitutions and party rules, special democratic life meetings, etc. In addition, the Committee teach the topic party lecture well, establish a list of issues, do a good job of rectification and implementation, and strive to innovate on the premise of observing existing rules. With concrete actions, the faculty and students’ sense of gain and happiness have been effectively enhanced, and the college’s first-class discipline construction have been strongly promoted.