The Party Committee of the College of Atmospheric Sciences Organizes Practical Education Activities in Hadapu

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       In order to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, strengthen the ideals and beliefs of party members, promote the normalization and institutionalization of education on the theme of 'Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission', combined with the 'Four History' learning and education, College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University organized all party committee members to carry out practical education activities in Hadapu Red Army Long March Memorial Hall and Lazikou Battle Memorial Hall on November 7.
       Hadapu is a place where the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army survived from a desperate situation after the Long March. It is an important decision-making place to determine the fate of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army and the 'gas station' on the Long March. In front of the sculpture in the center of the exhibition hall of the Red Army Long March Memorial Hall in Hadapu, facing the bright red party flag, all party members solemnly swear to review the party oath. Under the guidance of the instructor, everyone visited the exhibition 'Long March—Hadapu forever', looking back on the glorious history of Hadapu, experiencing the hard years of the Red Army's Long March, and feeling the tremendous changes in the development of the new era.
       In the preface hall of the Lazikou Battle Memorial Hall, all party members lined up in awe, presented flower baskets to the revolutionary ancestors, and expressed their deepest feelings of memory. Everyone followed the guide to visit the memorial hall, listened to the revolutionary stories that took place in the battle of Lazikou, and felt the noble spirit of the revolutionary martyrs who were willing to make dedication and not afraid of sacrifice in the battle of Lazikou. Afterwards, all party members also visited the site of the battle of Lazikou and the monument of the battle of Lazikou.
       Through on-site visits and listening to explanations, everyone received a vivid and profound education on party spirit. Everyone said that they should take the revolutionary martyrs as an example, carrying forward the great Long March spirit in study and work, carrying forward the fine revolutionary traditions, keeping the mission in mind, and giving full play to the role of the branch as a battle fortress, and contributing their wisdom and strength to the construction of 'Double First Class'.