Relevant Persons in Charge of Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd. Visited the College of Atmospheric Sciences

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       On November 18th, a group of 5 people, including Lin Chao who is the alumni of the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University and Director of Meteorological Department of Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd., engineer Chen Yungang, Dai Rufeng, and deputy general managers of Lanzhou Branch Wu Qi and Chen Tao visited the College of Atmospheric Sciences. The two parties made discussions and exchanges, and communicated on the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties and other related issues.
       On behalf of the College, Feng Xia, the deputy dean of the College, welcomed Lin Chao and his party, especially the three alumni, to “go home”. The College’s deputy dean Yang Yi and the College’s party committee deputy secretary Huang Yu respectively introduced the College’s talent training status and graduate employment status. Lin Chao introduced the development status and prospects of Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and said that the company is willing to actively support the development and construction of College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, and will donate funds to establish the 'Aerospace Hongtu Education Fund' in the College. The three alumni including Lin Chao also recalled every bit of life in Lanzhou University, expressed their deep gratitude to the alma mater, and expressed their continued efforts to contribute to the development of the College.
       The two parties conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the use of donations, deepening of industry-university-research cooperation, and reached a consensus. The two parties also reached consensus on student internship, practice, employment and recruitment. After the symposium, Lin Chao and his entourage held campus recruitment seminars on the Chengguan campus and Yuzhong campus.