The 2020 Academic Symposium on Atmospheric Sciences (Zhu Kezhen Forum) of Colleges and Universities on Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits Held at Lanzhou University

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       On December 6-8, the “2020 Cross-Strait University Atmospheric Science Symposium (Zhu Kezhen Forum)” hosted by Lanzhou University and co-organized by Nanjing University of Information Technology and Chinese Culture University was held in Lanzhou. Affected by the epidemic, the meeting adopted a combination of 'onsite + online'. Nearly 200 teachers and students from more than 10 universities on both sides of the strait attended the meeting,and they are Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Fudan University, Beijing Normal University, Lanzhou University, Taiwan University, Chinese Culture University, and Taiwan Normal University.
       A brief opening ceremony was held before the meeting. Chi Gang, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Lanzhou University, Professor Tian Wenshou, Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Professor Min Jinzhong, Vice President of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, and Professor Zeng Hongyang, Director of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Chinese Culture University, represented the host and co-organized representitives to gave a speech, highly affirming the importance of the conference for promoting the development of atmospheric sciences and the cooperation and exchanges between universities on both sides of the strait, and expressed a warm welcome to the participating experts and young scholars on both sides of the strait.

       During the meeting, experts such as Professor Zeng Hongyang of China University of Culture, Professor Zhou Zhongdao of Taiwan University, Professor Wang Zhongjie of Taiwan Normal University, Professor Zhao Chuanfeng of Beijing Normal University, Professor Li Dongliang of Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Professor Chen Guixing of Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Professor Liu Jingwu of Ocean University of China and Associate Professor Cai Lei of Yunnan University made special presentations. Some young scholars and graduate students shared their research results in the form of oral reports. Participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around the extreme weather climate in East Asia, as well as cutting-edge scientific research supported by artificial intelligence and big data mining.
       It is understood that the Atmospheric Science Symposium (Zhu Kezhen Forum) for universities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is held once a year and is undertaken by universities in mainland China and Taiwan in turn.