The Unveiling Ceremony of the Gansu Key Laboratory of Climate Resources Development and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Was Held

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       Recently, the unveiling ceremony of the Gansu Key Laboratory of Climate Resources Development and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation was held at Lanzhou University. Director Liang Yunsheng, Director Chen Luyuan of Gansu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Professor Xu Pengfei, assistant to the president of Lanzhou University, members of the laboratory academic committee, laboratory leaders, and leaders of relevant functional departments of Lanzhou University attended the unveiling ceremony.
       The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Professor Tian Wenshou, Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University. Liang Yunsheng, and Professor Dong Wenjie, Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, jointly unveiled the laboratory. Liang Yunsheng highly affirmed the construction of the laboratory and hoped that the laboratory will closely follow key scientific and technological issues in the fields of new energy prediction and disaster warning, and play an active role in serving the national 'carbon neutral' initiative and the socio-economic aspects of Gansu Province.
Participating leaders and experts unveiled the laboratory (from left: Wang Weisheng, Feng Qi, Dong Wenjie, Liang Yunsheng, Zheng Shaozhong, Xu Pengfei)
       Professor Wang Chenghai, the director of the laboratory, introduced the research content, construction goals, team construction, and the overall planning of national and local economic constructionstarting with the international new energy development prospects, the national 'carbon neutral' initiative, western disaster forecasting and early warning, and the school’s 'double first-class' construction. He also reported on the work that the laboratory has carried out and the results achieved since the establishment of the project.
       Academician Dai Yongjiu said in his speech that Lanzhou University has great advantages in atmospheric science and the research and development of atmospheric numerical models. Combining Gansu's wind and light climate resources and climate disasters and the current situation of forecasting and early warning of secondary disasters caused by them, it is believed that the laboratory team has a good model foundation and accumulated experience in wind and photovoltaic power prediction, and the laboratory has clear research goals, basic research directions, reasonable research content, and the construction of the laboratory is very important and necessary.
       Professor Dong Wenjie said in his speech that from the perspective of wind energy resource development and climate change, the laboratory's high-quality utilization of climate resources with numerical model research and development as the core service can provide support for serving the national 'carbon peak and carbon neutral' initiative.
       Professor Wang Weisheng, director of the New Energy Research Center of China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., believes that the current level of wind and light power forecasting in the area west of the 'Hu Huanyong Line' still has a large room for improvement. The development of scenery and climate resources and their interaction with the regional ecological environment also require quantitative evaluation of numerical models. The construction of laboratories based in the west can provide guarantee for the high-quality use of scenery resources in China.
       The leaders and experts participating in the unveiling ceremony fully affirmed the laboratory's construction, development and scientific research achievements, and put forward valuable suggestions for the future construction and development of the laboratory. It is hoped that the laboratory will make breakthroughs in the development, optimization and improvement of atmospheric numerical models and component models, improve the prediction and warning level of new energy and disasters, and at the same time strengthen the improvement and structural optimization of the laboratory management system, and strive to build the laboratory into an important domestic innovation base with first-class and international influence.