The College of Atmospheric Sciences Carry out the Revision of the Undergraduate Talent Training Plan

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       In order to further revise the 2023 version of the talent training plan and expand the student's employment market, from February 23th to 26th, Yang Yi, the deputy dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Huang Yu, the deputy secretary of the party committee, Wang Jinyan, member of the party committee and teacher Li Wenting together went to Nanjing, Shanghai, and Xi'an to conduct an exchange and exchanges. They carried out a revision of undergraduate talent training programs, visited the enterprise to expand the student's employment market, and they also visited some alumni.
       On the morning of February 23, the research team went to Nanjing University of Information Engineering to communicate with Li Qingqing, deputy dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Zhang Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhao Weilin, Director of the Office, Zhou Yan, Director of the Academic Office, and Wang Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee. The two sides introduced the background, design ideas, and implementation of their respective undergraduate majors and training plans.Both parties have had full exchanges on the curriculum design, interdisciplinary integration, practical teaching, second classroom development, undergraduate postgraduate entrance examination and employment, and comprehensive evaluation of students in undergraduate teaching, including basic courses, professional backbone courses, and module limited courses.
       On the afternoon of February 23rd, the research team visited the College of Atmospheric Science at Nanjing University. Lin Shiyao, Secretary of the College's Party Committee, Ren Xuejuan, Vice Dean, Wang Huan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Jia, Office Director, Chen Bing, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Officer, and Liu Na, Undergraduate Counselor, attended the symposium. Nanjing University has fully recognized the effectiveness of our college's talent cultivation over the years. Both sides have conducted in-depth discussions on the content of undergraduate talent cultivation plans, curriculum design and recognition methods, credit hours, and internship practice links. They have also exchanged ideas on top-notch talent cultivation, student party building work, group building, academic atmosphere construction, joint internship practice, research assistant recruitment, and counselor team construction. After the symposium, the research team communicated with alumni such as doctoral students Zhang Qian, Wang Jinbo, master students Fu Kaijie, Yan Zijing, Peng Yi, Zhang Le, Chang Ruirong, etc..They listened to the opinions and suggestions of alumni on undergraduate education and teaching, and welcomed alumni to return to the college after completing their studies.
       On the afternoon of February 24th, the research team arrived at the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Fudan University and had discussions with Vice Department Director (in charge of work) Wen Zhiping, Vice Department Director Zhao Luwei, Assistant Department Director (in charge of undergraduate teaching work) Yang Haijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Department of Environment Wang Wen, full-time counselor Lin Zihan, and undergraduate academic staff Wang Lingye. Fudan University has fully recognized the effectiveness of talent cultivation in our college over the years. Both sides introduced their respective undergraduate major construction and design of training programs, listened to the implementation and effectiveness of Fudan University's '2+x' training program, and exchanged ideas on measures such as undergraduate major advancement curriculum division, interdisciplinary studies, minor bachelor's degree courses, and honorary degrees. The teachers brought their alma mater's care and blessings to the graduating alumni of Fudan University, and listened to their classmates' opinions and suggestions on the postgraduate entrance examination and curriculum design.
       On the morning of February 26th, the research team went to Xi'an Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct enterprise visits and research. Xu Ming, Director of the Marketing Department of the company, Wang Bin, Regional Human Resources Director, Bai Jinying, Senior Lecturer of the Marketing Department, Liu Yang, Expert of the Technical Department, and Yang Ying from the Human Resources Department participated in the symposium. Xu Ming introduced the development of enterprises in recent years, the current key research and development work, and the implementation of collaborative education projects by the Ministry of Education. He fully affirmed the long-term cooperative relationship established with our college over the years and highly praised the performance of our graduates in the company. Yang Yi introduced the undergraduate talent cultivation plan and the intention to cooperate with enterprises. The two sides had a thorough discussion on campus recruitment, undergraduate internship base construction, collaborative education project application, achievement transformation, talent training, and other aspects, and reached a preliminary consensus.
       Experts from outside the college were invited to fully demonstrate our talent cultivation plan and learn from our excellent experience in education, teaching management, and student management. It helps the college to have a deep understanding of the latest situation and distinctive brands in talent cultivation and discipline construction in the field of atmospheric science in China, and provides valuable experience for the college to deepen talent cultivation, student employment, college enterprise cooperation, and talent introduction in the future. New impetus has been injected into promoting the construction of first-class disciplines.