World Meteorological Day | School of Atmospheric Sciences Carried out the "Insight" Lanzhou University Drought Climate and Environment Observatory (SACOL station) Open Day Activities

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       In order to further strengthen the popularization of meteorological science and enable students to have a deeper understanding of meteorological observation and related instruments, on the morning of April 1st, the College organized more than 200 students, including all 2022 students and some other grade students, to go to Cuiying Mountain in the Yuzhong campus to carry out one of the meteorological month series activities - the 'Insight into Meteorology' Lanzhou University Drought Climate and Environment Observation Station (SACOL Station) Open Day. This event is led by Professor Bi Jianrong, Senior Engineer of the college.
       At 10 o'clock in the morning, the students came to the monument outside the observation site with the inscription 'Lanzhou University Semiarid Climate and Environment Observation Station'. Professor Bi Jianrong gave a detailed introduction to the development process, role, and future of the SACOL observation station for the students, and explained the important significance of semi-arid climate for atmospheric research. During this period, Teacher Guan also communicated and interacted with classmates, raising relevant meteorological knowledge questions to them, hoping that everyone can strengthen their own development and contribute to the cause of atmospheric science.
       Later, the students went into the observation site and visited a series of meteorological instrument in turn, and learned about the operating principle and important role of each instrument in the detailed explanation of professor Bi.
       After the visit, the students spontaneously grouped and picked up the garbage along the way down the mountain, promoting the spirit of volunteers and striving to do their best to make the environment of Cuiying Mountain more beautiful.
       This activity has achieved the goal of promoting meteorological science, broadened students' knowledge horizons, and also made everyone realize the importance of learning professional knowledge well. In the future, everyone will continue to work hard to learn, lay a solid foundation, and contribute to the meteorological industry!