Students from Lanzhou University Achieved Excellent Results in the first National College Student Meteorological Science and Technology Knowledge Competition

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       From May 25th to 27th, the second and final rounds of the first National College Students' Meteorological Science and Technology Knowledge Competition, titled "China's Top Ten Meteorologists", were held at Nanjing University of Information Engineering. More than 230 participants from 76 teams from 36 universities and research institutes across the country participated in the meteorological science and technology knowledge competition. The College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University selected 9 students to form 3 teams to participate in the competition. Under the guidance of Teacher Wang Jinyan, the students won one second prize in the team and eight outstanding individual awards. The College of Atmospheric Science was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Organizational Unit".
       The content of this knowledge competition involves fundamentals of atmospheric science, atmospheric physics, atmospheric exploration, meteorology, agricultural meteorology, and other related knowledge. The "Cui Ying Shan Xia Hao Du Shu" team, composed of 2021 undergraduate students Wei Wenlue, Xin Xin, and Li Mingzhiyuan, made it to the finals. Each team conducts a knowledge competition in the form of competitive answering, with three rounds of competitive answering including basic questions, top notch questions, and innovative thinking questions. The team scored full points in all three rounds of competitive answering. After calculating the scores of the semi-finals and finals, the team ultimately won the second prize with the sixth place in the country.
       This competition is hosted by the Science and Climate Change Department of the China Meteorological Administration and hosted by Nanjing University of Information Engineering. It is supported by the National Alliance for Integrating Meteorological Science and Education, and is also a national key demonstration activity of the China Meteorological Administration's Meteorological Science and Technology Week.
       The College of Atmospheric Sciences attaches great importance to undergraduate teaching, subject competitions, and talent cultivation. Before the competition, the student work team established a competition guidance team by holding simulation competitions and pre competition mobilization meetings, providing targeted guidance to the participating students. The college will take this event as an opportunity to strengthen mutual learning and interaction with its sister universities, guide students to explore the scientific research world with lofty aspirations and confidence, and provide more "living strength" and "source of vitality" for the meteorological industry.