Zhang Shuwen

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       Zhang Shuwen, male, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor, is the director of the Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation Center of the Key Laboratory of Semi-arid Climate Change of the Ministry of Education. He received a bachelor's degree in mechanics from Lanzhou University in 1988, a master's degree in computational fluid mechanics jointly cultivated by Lanzhou University and Peking University in 1991, and a doctorate degree in meteorology from Lanzhou University in 2004. From October 1998 to October 1999, he visited the Institute of Meteorology, University of Munich, Germany, and then he visited the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona from March 2006 to March 2007. In 1996 and 2000, he won the 'Rookie Teaching Award' of Lanzhou University, the 'Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award' of Lanzhou University in 2005, and the sixth National Outstanding Young Meteorological Worker in 2006. He was the 27th and 28th of the Chinese Meteorological Society Member of the Numerical Forecast Committee of the Council.
Research Areas
The influence mechanism of the complex underlying surface on severe weather; land-atmosphere interaction and global change; data assimilation and severe convective weather forecasting
1. Participated in the first topic of the national key research and development plan 'Key Technologies and Applications of Regional Models in Subtropical Regions' 'Complex Underlying Surfaces and Key Processes of High-resolution Models in Subtropical Regions' (2018-2022, Subject Number: 2017YFC1502101), as a core member;
2. Presided over General Project the National Natural Science Foundation of China'Study on the Coupling of Soil Moisture and Precipitation in Summer in China' (2016-2019, project number: 41575098);
3. As the core member of the 973 projects, 'Study on the Evolution Mechanism of Sudden Strong Convective Weather and Monitoring and Forecasting Technology (OPACC)', the second topic 'Multi-source Data Fusion and Assimilation Theory of Sudden Severe Convective Weather' (2013-2017, project Number: 2013CB430100);
4. Presided over the special scientific research fund project for doctoral disciplines of colleges and universities (20120211110019);
5. Participated inthe third project of the 973 project 'Research on Key Scientific Issues in the Whole Process of Remote Monitoring and Early Warning of Hazardous Chemical Accidents' 'The Law of Atmospheric Migration and Transformation of Accident Substances' (Project Number: 2011CB706900), as a core member;
6. Participated in the second topic of the National Major Scientific Research Project 'Study on the Mechanism and Impact of Chronic Climate Change in Typical Arid and Semi-Arid Areas in the World' 'Comparative Study of Land-Atmosphere Interaction in Typical Arid and Semi-Arid Areas' (Project Number: 2012CB956200);
7. Presided over and completed General Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China 'Research on data assimilation of soil moisture estimation when there are forecast errors' (2011-2013, project number: 41075074);
8. Presided over and completed General Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China 'Estimation of Soil Moisture Profile by Assimilation Multi-source Observation' (2008-2010, project number: 40775065);
9. Participated in and completed the research project 'WRF-EnSRF four-dimensional assimilation business forecast system key technology research' (2009-2011, project number: GYHY200806029);
10. Presided over and completed General Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China 'Research on Ensemble Kalman Filtering Method for Retrieving Soil Moisture Profile from Microwave Remote Sensing Data' (2005-2007, project number: 40475012);
11. Participated in and completed the 973 project 'Theory and Application of Spatial and Temporal Quantitative Information Acquisition and Fusion Processing in Complex Natural Environments', 'Chinese Hydrosphere Environmental Spatiotemporal Information System and Application' (Project Number: 2001CB309404);
12. Participated in and completed the sub-topic of the National Natural Science Foundation of China 'Research on Land Surface Data Assimilation Methods in Western China' (Project Number: 90202014);
13. Participated in and completed the sub-topic of the key project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Knowledge Innovation Project 'The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project and the Interaction of Permafrost and Its Environmental Effects': 'The Interaction of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Climate and Permafrost Changes and Their Prediction and Simulation' (2002-2003).
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