Semi-arid Climate Change Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education's 2020 Development Strategy Seminar was held at Lanzhou University

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       On November 26, the 2020 Development Strategy Seminar of the Key Laboratory of Semi-arid Climate Change of the Ministry of Education was held at Lanzhou University. Academician Yan Chunhua, the principal, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory,Academician Wang Huijun from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Vice Chairman Chen Fahu, Academician of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Dai Yongjiu of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Huang Jianping from College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, as well as relevant experts attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Huang Jianping, director of the key laboratory.
       Yan Chunhua fully affirmed the breakthrough progress and fruitful results made by the laboratory in scientific research and personnel training over the past ten years. At the same time, he hopes that the participating experts and scholars will use this seminar as an opportunity to collide ideas, exchange insights, and deepen academic cooperation to build a high-quality academic community in the field of climate change research, and to continuously contribute wisdom and produce more outstanding scientific research results for China and the world in response to climate change.
       The meeting held the appointment ceremony of the third academic committee members of the laboratory. Xu Pengfei read out the 'Notice on Approving the Appointment of the Third Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of Semi-arid Climate Change of the Ministry of Education for the record', and Yan Chunhua issued the letter of appointment to the members of the Academic Committee.
       Huang Jianping reported on the laboratory's work in the past five years and proposed future development plans. Liu Yuzhi, Shu Jianrong, Guan Xiaodan and Yu Haipeng respectively reported the progress of the laboratory's main research directions.
       Experts at the conference highly affirmed the outstanding achievements of the laboratory in the past five years, and hope that the laboratory can use the project as a link to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and create a characteristic research model. Guided by national demand, the laboratory should actively promote basic research, promote the transformation and application of scientific research results, and strive to make the laboratory an innovative highland for semi-arid climate research in China.
       After the seminar, the key laboratory academic committee Wang Huijun, Dai Yongjiu, Huang Gang, Ma Yaoming, Ding Aijun, Ma Zhuguo, Yang Kun and other experts successively shared recent research results.
Academician Wang Huijun gave an academic report
Academician Dai Yongjiu gave an academic report