The College of Atmospheric Sciences Carried out Offline Undergraduate Recruitment in Autumn

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       Recently, through careful organization and planning, the College of Atmospheric Sciences has organized a number of teachers, including leaders, department heads, outstanding young and middle-aged backbones, etc., to carry out various forms of autumn offline undergraduate recruitment, which has got good results.
       Feng Xia, deputy dean of the college, and Professor Li Yan, deputy dean of the Department of Meteorology, led the team to establish new excellent student bases in Anguo Middle School and Tangshan No. 2 Middle School; at the same time, they also visited Dingzhou Middle School and Tangshan No. 1 Middle School, which have become the excellent student base of Lanzhou University. In addition to introducing the university’s relevant enrollment policies, Professor Li Yan, Professor Chen Siyu and Professor Zhao Qingyun of the Department of Climatology also gave science lectures on atmospheric sciences at Tangshan No. 1 Middle School, Anguo Middle School and Dingzhou Middle School respectively, and received praise from students.
       Professor Pan Feng, Director of the Environmental Impact Assessment Research Center of Lanzhou University, Professor Li Jiming of the Department of Atmospheric Observation, and Associate Professor Yan Hongru of the Department of Atmospheric Physics respectively led the team  to participated in the 'University Festival' organized by Shijiazhuang No. 1 Middle School, Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle School, Hengshui Middle School, and Handan No. 1 Middle School. During the activity, the teachers also organized 5 presentations to introduce Lanzhou University to the teachers and students of 5 middle schools, and interpreted the university’s admission policy, whcih is highly affirmed by the teachers and students of the five middle schools.
       In the future, all teachers and students of the College of Atmospheric Sciences will continue to do a good job of normalized undergraduate enrollment publicity that combines online and offline, and strive to enhance the school's influence in Hebei Province, improve the quality of students, and cultivate first-class talents.