Institute of Meteorology

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Director: Professor Wang Shigong
Deputy director: Associate Professor Wang Wen
A Brief Introduction to Meteorology Major:
       With its bachelor degree program established in 1971, meteorology major of Lanzhou University was in the first batch to provide postgraduate degree in 1978 and was approved to provide doctor degree in 1986. It is the only multilevel base for meteorology teaching and talents development in western area of China, but also a key subject which was approved in the first batch of Gansu Province, besides, it is also a main part of the authorization of doctors’ degree of Atmospheric Sciences level subjects of Lanzhou University. With solid theoretical foundations, outstanding working ability, long-term development potential and strong adaptability, postgraduates and doctors who graduated from our school are very popular among job markets and get high assessment. Postgraduate Wang Jingui and Doctor Huang Jianping, graduates of the first batch, were awarded as “a postgraduate degree owner in China with outstanding contributions” and “a doctor degree owner in China with outstanding contributions” respectively. Li Jianping, a doctor of 1997 class, was awarded by “the first prize of Tu Changwang Youth Science and Technology”, of whom the degree paper was considered as one of the “the first class of 100 outstanding doctors’ papers in China”. More than 50 graduates of our discipline work or study abroad in developed countries, such as America and Britain. Many of them serve as academic leaders or business backbones in their apartments and won high assessment from their peers.
Main Research Directions:
1. Climate Dynamics and Climatic Prediction;
2. Atmospheric Dynamics and Numerical Weather Prediction;
3. Arid Climate and Disaster Meteorology;
4. Environmental Weather Forecast;
5. Data Analysis and Assimilation;
6. Global Changes and Land Surface Processes.