Tong Jilong

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       Tong Jilong, male, born in August 1977. He is a Ph.D., an associate professor, a postgraduate tutor, and also an environmental impact assessment engineer. His major is applied meteorology. He mainly researches on involve atmospheric environmental impact assessment, atmospheric environmental risk emergency prevention, atmospheric detection, wind speed forecasting of wind farms, etc. In recent years, he has participated in and presided over more than 20 scientific research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and he has published more than 20 related research papers. The 'Atmospheric Observation' he lectured was rated as the National Excellent Course and the National Excellent Resource Sharing Course, and his 'Radar Meteorology' was rated as the Excellent Course in Gansu Province. He participated in the compilation of 3 textbooks, and he published 2 textbooks and produced 3 editions of electronic courseware. He has successively won the title of 'Lonji Young Teacher Teaching Talent Award', 'Longi Core Teacher Award', the second prize of Gansu Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, and the title of Excellent Instructor of Gansu Province University Student 'Challenge Cup'. He is now a major construction team member of the 'National Quality Resource Sharing Course' 'Atmospheric Observation' course and Lanzhou University's 2017 MOOC Course Construction Project' 'Radar Meteorology' course. He is also a member of the Gansu Province Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Risk Emergency Expert Database, and a legislative consultant for the Standing Committee of the 16th People's Congress of Lanzhou City.

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