Liang Jiening

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       Liang Jiening, female, doctor of science. She is mainly engaged in research on the atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric turbulence, land-atmosphere interaction and climate effects, air pollution and atmospheric diffusion, and the interaction of aerosols with the boundary layer. She has published more than 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, presided over and participated in a number of national scientific research projects, and won one first prize of Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award (10/12). She was invited to serve as a reviewer for many well-known domestic and foreign journals, including Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, Advances in Atmospheric Science. She mainly teaches courses such as 'Fluid Mechanics', 'Boundary Layer Meteorology' and 'Aviation Meteorology'.
Main papers:
1.Zhang Z., J. Liang*, M. Zhang, Q. Guo, L. Zhang, 2021. Surface layer turbulent characteristics over the complex terrain of the Loess Plateau semi-arid region, Advances in Meteorology. (录用待刊)
2.Liang, J.*, Q. Guo, Z. Zhang, M. Zhang, P. Tian, L. Zhang, 2020, Influence of Complex Terrain on Near-Surface Turbulence Structures over Loess Plateau, Atmosphere, 11(9): 930.
3.Liang, J., L. Zhang*, X. Cao, J. Wen, J. Wang, G. Wang, 2017, Energy balance in the semi-arid area of the Loess Plateau, China, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 122: 2155-2168.
4.Liang, J., L. Zhang*, Y. Wang, X. Cao, Q. Zhang, H. Wang, B. Zhang, 2014, Turbulence regimes and the validity of similarity theory in the stable boundary layer over complex terrain of the Loess Plateau, China, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres,119: 6009-6021.
5.Guo Q., X. Cao, J. Liang, Z. Zhang, M. Zhang, L. Zhang*, 2021. The response of cloud-precipitation recycling in China to global warming. Remote Sensing, 13(8): 1601.Guo Q., J. Liang, X. Cao, Z. Zhang, L. Zhang*, 2020, Spatiotemporal Evolution of Evapotranspiration in China After 1998, Water, 12(1): 3250.
6.Yuan, G., L. Zhang*, J. Liang, X. Cao, Q. Guo, Z. Yang, 2017, Impacts of initial soil moisture and vegetation on the diural temperature range in aird and semiarid regions in China, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 122(21): 11568-11583.
7.Yuan, G., L. Zhang*, J. Liang, X. Cao, H. Liu, Z. Yang, 2017, Understanding the partitioning of the available energy over the semi-arid areas of the loess Plateau, China, Atmosphere. 8(5): 87.
8.Cao, X., J. Liang, P. Tian, L. Zhang, X. Quan, W. Liu, 2014, The mass concentration and optical properties of black carbon aerosols over a semi-arid region in the northwest of China, Atmospheric Pollution Research,5 (4): 601-609.
9.Tian, P., X. Cao, J. Liang, L. Zhang*, N. Yi, L. Wang, X. Cheng, 2014, Improved empirical mode decomposition based denoising method for lidar signals, Optics Communications, 325(325): 54-59.
10. Zhang M, J. Liang*, Zhang Zhida, Zhang Lei, 2022. Using large eddy simulation to analyze the influence of surface heating and dynamics on the boundary layer structure. Plateau Meteorology, 41(5). DOI: 10.7522/j.issn. 1000- 0534.2021. 00046. (Recruitment pending)
11.Li Xuetao, J. Liang, Guo Qi, Xu Lili, Zhang Lei*, 2020, Using large eddy model to simulate the characteristics of convective boundary layer in the Loess Plateau, Plateau Meteorology, 39(3): 523-531.
12. Chen Lijing, Zhang Lei*, J. Liang, Zhou Xu, 2017, Comparative analysis of atmospheric turbulent fluxes on different underlying surfaces in semi-arid areas, Plateau Meteorology, 36(5): 1325-1335.
13. Yuan Guanghui, Zhang Lei*, Li Yao, J. Liang, 2016, Method for obtaining high-quality turbulent flux data on the complex terrain of the Loess Plateau, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 59(6): 1971-1982.
14.J. Liang, Zhang Lei*, Tian Pengfei, Cao Xianjie, Wang Hongbin, Bi Jianrong, 2014, The influence of low-level jets in the upper boundary layer on the complex terrain of the Loess Plateau on near-surface turbulence, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 57(5): 1387-1398.
15.J. Liang, Zhang Lei*, Zhang Wu, Shi Jinsen, 2013, Unclosed surface energy and its effect on carbon dioxide flux in the semi-arid area of the Loess Plateau, Acta Phys. Sin, 62(9): 528-539.
16.J. Liang, Zhang Lei*, Bao Jing, Zhao Shiqiang, Huang Jianping, Zhang Wu, 2013, Turbulence characteristics of stable boundary layer affected by mesoscale motion in the complex terrain of the Loess Plateau, Atmospheric Sciences, 37(1): 113-123.


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