Pan Feng

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       Pan Feng, male, Han nationality, born in July 1968, is a doctor and a professor at Lanzhou University College of Atmospheric Sciences. He is the master tutor, current director of Lanzhou University Environmental Impact Assessment Professional Technical Committee, director of Lanzhou University Environmental Impact Assessment Research Center, China Environmental Science Member of the Fourth Professional Committee of the Society for Environmental Impact Assessment, standing director of the Environmental Impact Assessment Branch of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, standing expert of the 'Expert Database of Environmental Engineering Assessment Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection', and vice chairman of the Lanzhou Environmental Science Society.
       Since joining the work in July 1991, he has mainly engaged in environmental impact assessment research for construction projects, regional development and planning, and has successively completed more than 500 various environmental assessment projects. In 2003, he presided over the 'Xigu Regional Environmental Impact Assessment Report', a pilot project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection; in 2008, he presided over the 'Lanzhou Petrochemical Environmental Risk Assessment Report', a pilot project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2012, he presided over the 'Changqing Longdong Oil Region Ecological Environment Protection and Restoration Plan (2010-2015)' commissioned by the Qingyang Environmental Protection Bureau. In addition, as a key personnel, he participated in the 973 sub-project 'Chemical-Climate Coupling and the Role of Atmospheric Processes and Human Activities in East Asia'; and as the subject leader, he participated in the National Ministry of Science and Technology Support Program 'Multi-scale Risk Assessment and Evaluation and Technical Research of Landslides and Debris Flows in Bailong River Basin'. His main research projects include 'Investigation on Ecological Environment and Restoration Planning in Longdong Oil Area of Changqing (2016-2020)', 'Ecological Recovery and Governance Plan of Qingyang Resource Development Zone (2016-2020)', 'Analysis of the Sources of Particulate Matter in Xifeng District of Qingyang City' and other EIA projects. In recent years, he has published more than 30 related scientific research papers, including 5 SCI papers; he has published 1 monograph; and won 2 second prizes of Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award.
       While engaged in scientific research, he also undertook the teaching work of 'Environmental Impact Assessment', 'Introduction to Environmental Science' and other courses of the College of Atmospheric Sciences.
Main Research Directions: air pollution and environmental assessment, environmental management and planning.
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