Chen Bolong

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       Chen Bolong, male, Ph.D., senior experimenter, mainly engaged in observation and research on atmospheric exploration, wind resource development and utilization, and earth-atmosphere interaction. He has participated in field comprehensive scientific research and near-surface comprehensive observation experiments for many times, presided over and participated in more than 10 scientific research projects, published more than 20 scientific research papers, and obtained several patents.
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1.Educational experience:
2002-2006 Northwest Normal University, Mathematics, undergraduate
2006-2009 Lanzhou University, Mathematics, Master
2009-2013 Lanzhou University/University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, PhD
2.Work experience:
2013-present, Lanzhou University, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Engineer
3.Published papers and obtained patents:
(1) Papers:
[1]Zuo, Hongchao; Chen, Bolong*; Wang, Shixin; Guo, Yang; Zuo, Bin; Wu, Liyang; Gao, Xiaoqing; Observational study on complementary relationship between pan evaporation and actual evapotranspiration and its variation with pan type , Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2016, 222: 1-9.
[2]Licheng Li, Hongchao Zuo, Bolong Chen, Yang Guo, Mengmeng Ma, Longxiang Dong; Revealing the Dynamical Transition of Anisotropy Behind the HOST by Koopman Analysis, Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL091123.
[3]Jiang, J.; Gao, X.; Chen, B. The Impact of Utility-Scale Photovoltaics Plant on Near Surface Turbulence Characteristics in Gobi Areas. Atmosphere 2021, 12, 18.
[4]J. Duan, Zuo H.*, Bai Y., Duan J., Chang M., Chen B.; Short-term wind speed forecasting using recurrent neural networks with error correction, Energy 217 (2021) 119397.
[5]Qidong Yang, Hongchao Zuo, Xia Xiao, Shujin Wang, Bolong Chen, Jiwei Chen, Modelling the effects of plastic mulch on water, heat and CO2 fluxes over cropland in an arid region, Journal of Hydrology 452-453 (2012) 102-118.
[6]X. Xiao, H. C. Zuo*, Q. D. Yang, S. J.Wang, L. J.Wang, J. W. Chen, B. L. Chen, B. D. Zhang. Study on the factors influencing energy balance closure in the surface layer and their seasonal variability in semi-arid area of the Loess Plateau. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16, 893-910, 2012.
[7]Chen Bolong; Zuo Hongchao*; Gao Xiaoqing; Yang Xingguo; Ren Pengcheng; Chen Jiwei; Research on mathematical and physical models of 20cm evaporation pan evaporation, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2013, (02): 422-430.
[8]Chen Bolong; Zuo Hongchao; Gao Xiaoqing; Guo Yongtao; Lu Sha; Yang Yanlong; Micrometeorological Observational Research on Evaporation Pan Evaporation and Energy Change Process, Plateau Meteorology, 2017, (01): 87-97.
[9]Chen Bolong*; Zuo Hongchao; Gao Xiaoqing; The influence of meteorological factors in arid areas on evaporative pan evaporation, Plateau Meteorology, 2014, (05): 1251-1261.
[10]Chen Bolong, Gao Xiaoqing, Zuo Hongchao, Wang Ningbo, & Liu Lei. (2012). Model study on the layout spacing of large-scale wind farms. Plateau Meteorology, 31(6), 1746-1752.
[11] Gao Xiaoqing, Chen Bolong, Yang Liwei, & Hui Xiaoying. (2020). Simulation study on the influence of atmospheric turbulence stability on wind turbine wake. Acta Energiae Sinica, v.41(04), 151-158.
[12] Gao Xiaoqing, Chen Bolong, Yang Liwei, Ma Ming, & Hui Xiaoying. (2020). A comparative study on the theoretical and actual output of wind farms——Taking Jiuquan Qiaodong No. 1 Wind Farm in Gansu as an example. Plateau Meteorology (2).
[13]Dai Lindong, Zuo Hongchao, Chen Bolong, Li Zhaolin, Yang Bin, Miao Wenhui. (2018). Comparative analysis of different evaporation phenomena in evaporating pans in Lingqiu and Hunyuan. Journal of Lanzhou University: Natural Science Edition, 54(05) ), 90-97.
[14]Liu Lei, Gao Xiaoqing, Chen Bolong, Wang Ningbo. (2012). Research on the impact of large-scale wind farms on wind energy resources. Plateau Meteorology, 31(4), 1139-1144.
[15]Dai Lindong, Zuo Hongchao, Chen Bolong, Miao Wenhui, Yang Bin. Variation characteristics and influencing factors of pan evaporation in Linfen City in 37 years. The 34th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Meteorological Society.
(2) Patent:
[1]Chen Bolong; Zuo Hongchao; Dong Longxiang; Wu Liyang; Wang Shixin; Guo Yang. (2015). Large evaporating dish windproof type water surface height measuring instrument, 2015-1-14, China, ZL201420605295.0.
[2] Chen Bolong, Gao Xiaoqing, Hui Xiaoying, Wang Ningbo, Gui Junxiang, Liu Lei. Wind farm cluster layout method ZL201210035130.X (invention patent).
[3] Chen Bolong, Zuo Hongchao, Duan Jikai, Gao Xiaoqing, Li Licheng, Chang Mingheng; A large-scale evaporating pan evaporation automatic observation instrument, 202022565230.6. (Utility model)
[4] Gao Xiaoqing, Chen Bolong, Yang Liwei, Li Zhenchao, Hui Xiaoying, Yu Ye. An unmanned aerial vehicle measurement system with a wind turbine wake space structure. CN210761314U. (Utility model)
[5]Zuo Hongchao, Chen Bolong, Ren Pengcheng, Dong Longxiang, Dong Wencheng. Vertical multi-layer observation and analysis system for pollutants in the atmosphere. CN201220365520.9. (Utility model)
[6]Zuo Hongchao; Wang Mingxing; Chen Bolong; Wang Xiaoxia; Dong Longxiang; Yang Yang; Radiation shield for water environmental parameter measurement, ZL 201320698799.7. (Utility model)
4.Host and participate in scientific research projects:
1.National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Project, 41875009, Observational Research on the Non-turbulent Motion and Turbulent Interaction of the Stable Boundary Layer on the Uniform Underlying Surface in the Arid Region of Northwest China, 2019-01 to 2022-12, 620,000 yuan, in Research, participate
2.Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions, Chinese Academy of Sciences, LPCC2019004, Asymmetric Research on the Complementary Relationship of Evaporation in Different Climatic Regions in China, 2020-06 to 2021-12, 50,000 yuan, in research, presided over
3.Fundamental research funding for central universities, 20190081, Research on the asymmetric complementary relationship between actual evaporation and potential evaporation, 100,000 yuan, in research, presided over
4.National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Project, 41475009, Observational research and parameterization of ground-atmosphere interaction characteristics of farmland covered by plastic film, 2015-01 to 2018-12, 1.4 million yuan, completed, participate
5.Fundamental scientific research funding of central universities, lzujbky-2014-105, Numerical simulation study on the cause of decline in evaporation of evaporating pan in northern China, 2014-01 to 2015-12, 60,000 yuan, completed, chaired
6.The Open Fund of the Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PICC201402, Research on Climate Signals Revealed by Decrease in Evaporation in Arid Areas in Northwest China, 2014-01 to 2016-12, 30,000 yuan, closed Topic, host
7.National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4107506, using micro-meteorological observations to study the climatic signals revealed by the evaporation of evaporating pans, 2011-01 to 2013-12, 560,000 yuan, completed, participated

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