Tian Pengfei

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       Tian Pengfei, male, from Longnan, Gansu, born in May 1987, Ph.D., is a young researcher (fourth-level post of senior high school), and master supervisor. He engaged in research on the physical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols and radiation effects. His research results have been published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., J. Atmos. Sci., Atmos. Environ. and other journals.
Email: tianpf@lzu.edu.cn; ptian_lzu@163.com
Phone: 18009462906
WeChat: jiuwanli_peng
QQ: 1057599595
Mailing address: No. 222, Tianshui South Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, Post Code: 730000
Education and Working Experience:
2019.03-present: Young Researcher, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University
2017.07-2019.05: Lanzhou University Geography Postdoctoral Mobile Station, postdoctoral fellow, co-supervisor: Professor Ma Jianmin
2011.09-2017.06: College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, Ph.D. Supervisor: Professor Zhang Lei
2015.08-2016.08: Texas A&M University, the United States, a Ph.D. co-trained by the government, co-supervisor: Professor Renyi Zhang
2007.09-2011.06: College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, Atmospheric Science, Bachelor of Science
Research Fields and Interests:
Research direction: Atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment
Research content: physical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols and radiation effects; physical and chemical changes of aerosols during the mixing process of dust and man-made polluted aerosols; aerosol-boundary layer interaction during heavy pollution; the cause mechanism of compound air pollution, etc.
Research methods: comprehensive ground observation of aerosol physical and chemical properties; vertical detection of boundary layer aerosols by a tethered airship; aerosol ground and satellite remote sensing; numerical simulation
1. The Second Comprehensive Scientific Research Mission on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Topic Six II. Dust Aerosol and Its Climate and Environmental Effects, 2019QZKK0602, 2019.11-2024.10, 40.27 million yuan, in research, participate (5/29)
2.  Youth Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41905017, Physical and Chemical Properties and Radiation Effects of Mixed Aerosols of Sand and Man-made Pollution, 2020.01-2022.12, 250,000 yuan, in research, lead
3. The Special Fund for Basic Scientific Research Operation Fees of Central Universities, lzujbky-2020-36, Study on the Height of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer by Means of a Combination of Trap Detection and Lidar, 2020.01-2021.12, 200,000 yuan, in research, lead
4. Research Start-up Fee for Young Researchers of Lanzhou University, Research on Physical and Chemical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols and Radiation Effects, 2019.03-2024.03, 1 million yuan, in research, lead.
5. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation General Program First-Class Funding, 2018M631216, Observation and Simulation Study on the Absorption Characteristics of Dust and Man-made Pollution Mixed Aerosols, 2018.05-2019.04, 80,000 yuan, completed, lead.
6. General Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41475008, Research on Turbulence Characteristics of Stable Boundary Layer under Complex Terrain Conditions in Semi-arid Regions of the Loess Plateau, 2015.01-2018.12, 960,000 yuan, completed, participated.
7. Youth Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41405113, R&D and Application of a New Ground Aerosol Mobile Integrated Observation System, 2015.01-2017.12, 260,000 yuan, completed, participated.
8. Youth Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41205112, Observation and Research on Polarization Characteristics of Black Carbon and Dust Aerosol in Lanzhou Area, 2013.01-2015.12, 260,000 yuan, completed, participated.
1.Tian, P., Yingjing Lin, Lei Zhang*, et al. Extensive observations of wintertime atmospheric aerosols at SACOL: implications for mixing of dust with anthropogenic pollutants, under review.
2.Tian, P., Zhang, L., Ma, J., Tang, K., Xu, L., Wang, Y., Cao, X., Liang, J., Ji, Y., Jiang, J. H., Yung, Y. L., and Zhang, R. Radiative absorption enhancement of dust mixed with anthropogenic pollution over East Asia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18, 7815-7825, 2018.
3.Tian, P., Zhang, L., Cao, X., Sun, N., Mo, X., Liang, J., Li, X., Gao, X., Zhang, B. and Wang, H., 2018. Enhanced Bottom-of-the-Atmosphere Cooling and Atmosphere Heating Efficiency by Mixed-Type Aerosols: A Classification Based on Aerosol Nonsphericity. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 75(1):113-124.
4.Tian, P., Cao, X., Zhang, L., Sun, N., Sun, L., Logan, T., Shi, J., Wang, Y., Ji, Y., Lin, Y., Huang, Z., Zhou, T., Shi, Y. and Zhang, R., 2017. Aerosol vertical distribution and optical properties over China from long-term satellite and ground-based remote sensing. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17(4): 2509-2523.
5.Tian, P., Cao, X., Zhang, L., Wang, H., Shi, J., Huang, Z., Zhou, T. and Liu, H., 2015. Observation and simulation study of atmospheric aerosol nonsphericity over the Loess Plateau in northwest China. Atmospheric Environment, 117: 212-219.
6.Tian, P., Cao, X., Liang, J., Zhang, L., Yi, N., Wang, L. and Cheng, X., 2014. Improved empirical mode decomposition based denoising method for lidar signals. Optics Communications, 325: 54-59.
7.Tian, P., Zhang, L., Cao, X. and Yi, N., 2015. The Application of EMD-CIIT Lidar Signal Denoising Method in Aerosol Detection. Procedia Engineering, 102: 1233-1237.
8.Zhang, R., Tian, P., Ji, Y., Lin, Y., Peng, J., Pan, B., Wang, Y., Wang, G., Li, G., Wang, W., Zhang, F., Feng, X., Duan, L., Hu, J., Marrero-Ortiz, W., Secrest, J. and Hu, M., 2017. Overview of Persistent Haze Events in China. In: I. Bouarar, X. Wang and G.P. Brasseur (Editors), Air Pollution in Eastern Asia: An Integrated Perspective. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 3-25.
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10.Gao, X., Cao, X., Tian, P., Zhang, L., Huang, Z., Zhou, T., 2017. Combined observation of a dust storm over the Loess Plateau using a dual-wavelength lidar and an aethalometer. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 8(6), 1103-1112.
11.Cao, X., Liang, J., Tian, P., Zhang, L., Quan, X., Liu, W. The mass concentration and optical properties of black carbon aerosols over a semi–arid region in the northwest of China. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 5(4), 601-609, 2014.
12.Cao, X., Wang, Z., Tian, P., Wang, J., Zhang, L. and Quan, X., 2013. Statistics of aerosol extinction coefficient profiles and optical depth using lidar measurement over Lanzhou, China since 2005–2008. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 122: 150-154.
Honors and Awards:
1. The first prize of Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked 12th; Huang Jianping, Zhang Lei, Ku Jianrong, Huang Zhongwei, Shi Jinsen, Zhang Qiang, Zhang Beidou, Wang Sheng, Wang Guoyin, Liang Jiening, Zhou Tian, Tian Pengfei), Environment and Climate Disasters Integrated Detection Technology and Application, 2019.01
2. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Lanzhou University, 2017.09
3. Outstanding Graduate Student, Lanzhou University, 2017.09
4. National Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, 2015.12
5. Three Excellencies Graduate Student, Lanzhou University, 2014.12
Academic Exchange:
1.2018.10, 2018 China Lidar Technology and Application Academic Conference, oral presentation (awarded), Hefei
2.2018.10, AGU JING (Joint International Network in Geoscience) Meeting 2018, Oral, Xi’an, China
3.2016.01, AMS 96th Annual Meeting, Poster, New Orleans, United States
4.2014.10, National PhD Academic Forum in Atmospheric Sciences and the 12th Cross-Strait Youth Academic Symposium, oral presentation, Beijing
5.2014.05, The 7th World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT7), Poster, Beijing, China
6.2013.10, The 30th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Meteorological Society, Poster, Nanjing
7.2013.05, The 11th National Aerosol Conference and the 10th Cross-Strait Aerosol Technology Seminar, Oral Report, Wuhan
8.2012.10, The 2nd China Lidar Academic Conference, Oral Report, Qingdao

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