Zhang Lei

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       Professor Zhang Lei, male, born in May 1960, doctor of science, is the doctoral supervisor of Lanzhou University. He is the executive deputy director of the Key Laboratory for Semi-Arid Climate Change of the Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University, the executive deputy director of the Pan-Third Polar Eco-Environment and Climate Change Frontier Science Center, the director of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, a member of Atmospheric Physics Committee of Chinese Meteorological Society, an editorial board of professional journals such as Plateau Meteorology. He used to be the Dean of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, the Vice Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, and a member of the Atmospheric Science Discipline Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council (5th and 6th). He has visited Texas A&M University in the US., Cambridge University in the UK., and the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy. Has been engaged in teaching and research on atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric diffusion, atmospheric aerosol and its climatic effects, atmospheric pollution and its control. He has been responsible for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses for a long time, recruiting and training master and doctoral students. He presided over more than 20 provincial and national-level projects, and published more than 130 papers in academic journals at home and abroad. He won the first National Meteorological Teaching Teacher (2018), National University Young Teacher Award (2000), Gansu Province Science and Technology Progress Third Prize (1999), Gansu Province Teaching Achievement First Prize (1997), Gansu Province University Cross-Century Subject Leader (1998), Baosteel Education Fund Excellent Teacher Award (1998), National Excellent Environmental Science and Technology Worker (1999), Lanzhou University Teacher Ethics Model (2001), Lanzhou University My Ten Favorite Teachers (2009) and many other awards and Honorary titles, and he was given the special government allowance of the State Council.
Main scientific papers:
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Main research projects:
(1) The mechanism of arid and semi-arid climate change, The Innovative Research Group Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 41521004, 2016.1.-2021.12., as the main participant.
(2) Study on the Full-Time Temperature, Humidity and Rising Velocity Detection Lidar of Cloud Precipitation Potential, National Major Scientific Research Instrument Development Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 41627807, 2016.1.-2021.12., as the main participant
(3) Research on turbulence characteristics of stable boundary layer under complex terrain conditions in the semi-arid area of ??the Loess Plateau, National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 41475008, 2015.1.-2018.12., principal
(4) Ground-based comprehensive observation and satellite remote sensing inversion in arid and semi-arid areas, No. 2012CB955302, 2012.1.- 2016.12., Topic 2 of the National Major Scientific Research Project 'Climate Change and its Impact in Typical Drought and Semi-Arid Regions of the World ', as the leader.
(5) Chemistry-climate coupling and the role of atmospheric processes and human activities in East Asia, No. 2010CB428604, 2010.1.-2015.1., Topic 4 of the National Key Basic Research and Development Planning Project 'Basic Stratospheric Atmospheric Process and Its Role in Climate and Weather Change in East Asia ', as the leader.
(6) Observation and study of black carbon and dust aerosol absorption characteristics in arid and semi-arid regions of Northwest China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 41075104, 2011.1.-2013.12., as the leader.
(7) Research on the vertical distribution and radiation characteristics of dust aerosol in the arid and semi-arid regions of Northwest China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 40675078, 2007.1.-2009.12., as the leader.
(8) Observational and experimental research on the interaction between atmospheric and surface processes in semi-arid areas under different land use and coverage conditions, National Key Basic Research and Development Planning Project, No. 2006CB400501, 2006.1.--2010.12., as the leader of the first subject.
(9) Atmospheric aerosol radiative forcing and its interaction with meteorological fields, National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 40275039, 2003.1.-2005.12., as the leader.
(10) National Highway 213,212,211, Provincial Highway 212 related road reconstruction environmental impact assessment project 4, Gansu Provincial Traffic Department/Highway Bureau commissioned, Gansu Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau evaluation project ,2003.5.-2009.4., as the leader.
(11) Research on Urban Air Pollution and Its Control, Project of National Award Scheme for Teaching and Research of Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities, 2001.6.-2005.12., as the leader.
(12) Research Topic on the Evolution of my country's Future Living Environment and Prediction of Northern Aridification Trend (No. G1999043408), 2001.1.-2004.12., National Key Basic Research Development Planning Project, 150,000 yuan, as the leader.
(13) Calculation of vehicle emissions by using monitoring data, Foundation for University Key Teacher by the Ministry of Education, 2000.01.-2002.12., as the leader.
Main teaching papers:
(1) Yang Debao, Zhang Lei, Wang Shigong, Shang Kezheng, Wang Jinyan, Construction and Practice of Atmospheric Science Experimental Teaching System, Higher Education of Sciences, 2010, (6), 97-101
(2) Yang Debao, Zhang Lei, Wang Shigong, Zhang Wenyu, Shang Kezheng, Reform and effect of atmospheric science talent training model, Northwest Higher Education, 2001, (2), 111-114
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