The College of Atmospheric Sciences and the Ministry of Ecological Security of the West Jointly Established a Collaborative Innovation Center to Jointly Organize the 2021 National Natural Science Foundation Project Application Pre-evaluation Meeting

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       In order to improve the quality of the 2021 National Natural Science Foundation project application, on the morning of February 25, The National Natural Science Foundation of 2021 project application pre-evaluation meeting was held in the 20th floor lecture hall of Guanyun Building, west district of Chengguan campus. The pre-evaluation meeting was presided over by Huang Zhongwei, vice president of the college.
       The pre-evaluation meeting consisted of external experts, researcher Zhang Qiang, chief engineer of Gansu Meteorological Bureau, researcher Hu Zeyong, Northwest Institute of Eco-Environmental Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and internal experts, Professor Zhang Lei, Professor Wang Chenghai, and Professor Li Jiming, to form a review expert group. The 17 projects declared by the teachers of the center were reviewed and suggestions for amendments were put forward.
       This review conducted a pre-evaluation of the declared projects through a combination of online and offline methods. Professor Li Jiming introduced the main points in the application of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in terms of form review, project type selection, subject code selection, and key word selection. Participating teachers and experts had a discussion.
       The person in charge of each declared project reported the main content of the project, such as the basis for the establishment of the project, the research content, the innovation point and the research foundation in the form of PPT. Evaluation experts listened to the report of the project and consult the paper declaration, and gave specific revision opinions on each project declaration one by one.
       Professor Huang Zhongwei, the deputy dean, expressed his gratitude to the review experts, and hoped that the project applicants will carefully modify the project based on the expert opinions and strive for the successful approval of the project. This pre-evaluation has better helped the project applicant to further clarify the research ideas and strengthened the confidence and determination of the project application. The applicant will further modify and improve the project application based on expert suggestions, improve the quality of the application, and contribute to the development of the college's scientific research and the promotion of first-class disciplines.