The "Cloud Meeting Room" was Successfully Carried Out

发布时间:2022-04-12  字体大小T|T
       In order to give better psychological counseling and humanistic care to students during the epidemic prevention and control, and to build a teacher-student exchange platform, at 19:30 on April 8, the College of Atmospheric Sciences launched the 'Dean of Teaching?Cloud Meeting Room' exchange activity. Vice President Professor Yang Yi invited Xu Xiaofeng, former deputy director and researcher of China Meteorological Administration, Yang Xingguo, director and researcher of Gansu Meteorological Administration, Professor Tian Wenshou, dean of the College, and Sun Jianqi, director and researcher of Zhu Kezhen-Nansen International Research Center, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Huang Xiaogang from National University of Defense Technology, Professor Xu Weixin from Sun Yat-Sen University, Lin Chao, Deputy General Manager of Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Yu, Deputy Secretary of the College and other guests had a dialogue in the 'cloud meeting'. Teachers from the school's Academic Affairs Office, teachers from the academic work group of the College, more than 300 students from the College and some parents participated in the event. Teachers and students conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as study, scientific research, employment, and practice.
       Researchers Xu Xiaofeng and Yang Xingguo respectively introduced the relevant information on campus recruitment of the meteorological department in recent years, and answered questions about the current situation of industry employment that students and parents care about.
       Dean Tian Wenshou and Mr. Huang Yu gave a detailed introduction on the college students' postgraduate entrance examination and postgraduate employment.
       Professor Sun Jianqi, Huang Xiaogang and Xu Weixin introduced the postgraduate training plans and admissions of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National University of Defense Technology and Sun Yat-Sen University.
       Lin Chao answered the questions raised by the students focusing on the recruitment, admission and academic requirements of Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd.. In addition, Professor Yang Yi also gave interactive answers to the questions that parents were concerned about, such as the training of this research.
       This 'Cloud Meeting Room' activity not only builds a communication platform for classmates, parents and the school to shorten the distance between teachers and students, but also strengthens the precise connection between talent training and enterprise needs, which is conducive to helping students in the future, broadening their academic horizon in the study, enhancing their innovation ability in the thinking, and improving their comprehensive quality in the practice.