Professor Tian Wenshou's team won the first prize of Gansu Natural Science

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       Recently, the People's Government of Gansu Province issued the Decision on the Science and Technology Award of Gansu Province in 2021. The project 'The Role of Stratospheric Processes in the Changes of Weather, Climate and Atmospheric Environment in Key Regions of Eurasia', which was independently completed by our university and presided over by Professor Tian Wenshou of our College, won the first prize of natural science.
       Professor Tian Wenshou's team has systematically studied the impacts of global and regional stratospheric processes on the weather, climate and atmospheric environment of Eurasia and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau from the perspective of stratospheric processes, and has made many innovative research achievements.
       The award-winning achievement put forward for the first time in the world a new idea that the Arctic stratospheric polar vortex continued to tilt towards the Eurasian continent and induced winter cold waves, breaking through the theoretical problem that global warming could not explain the frequency of extreme low temperature events in the Eurasian continent in winter; It has established and improved an atmospheric chemistry climate model that includes the stratosphere atmosphere and has excellent performance compared with the international mainstream models, which provides an effective tool for objectively assessing the evolution of the atmospheric ozone layer and the impact of human emissions on weather and climate, and also contributes to the development of the national atmospheric model; A long-term continuous observation of stratospheric atmospheric composition and meteorological elements has been carried out on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, filling the gap in the observational data of stratospheric ground-based on the plateau in China.The award-winning achievement provide new methods and new ways to break through the bottleneck of tropospheric extended period prediction and short-term climate prediction, and provide an important scientific basis for formulating relevant pollution reduction policies in China.
       All the project members published more than 200 papers related to the project in authoritative academic journals such as Nature Climate Change and Nature Communications. Some of the achievements were positively cited by authoritative scientific reports issued by international organizations such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and received extensive attention at home and abroad. The project was completed by Tian Wenshou, Zhang Jiankai, Tian Hongying, Luo Jiali and BianJianchun.
Concept map of stratospheric polar vortex migration
All members of Professor Tian Wenshou's team