Climatology in Cold Regions Edited by a Professor from the Collegel of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University Has Recently Been Published

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       Recently, Professor Wang Chenghai from the College of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University compiled 'Climatology in Cold Regions' (Print ISBN: 9781119702658), which was published and distributed by Wiley Publishing Company in the United States.
       'Climatology in Cold Regions' is the research result of Professor Wang Chenghai for many years. He put forward the concept of climatology in cold region, initially established the outline of climatology in cold region, and collected and condensed the results of research in cold climate at home and abroad. The book is divided into 11 chapters, covering the research results and frontier issues related to the cold region, including the land process, hydrology, ecological vegetation, carbon and nitrogen cycle, climate disasters and numerical model, as well as the main challenges. In particular, some research results focus on land-gas interaction, land surface properties, soil freezing and thawing process, snow melting process and non-adiabatic surface heating in cold areas. The book proposes the idea that the 'signal' of land gas interaction in cold areas is used for short-term climate prediction, which will help to improve the level of short-term climate prediction at the seasonal scale.
       The book can be used as a textbook and study reference book for those engaged in meteorology, hydrology and ecology in cold areas, and also for reading and reference for those engaged in climate-related research and business.