The State Council’s Comprehensive Group of Covid-19 Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Gave A Thank-you Letter to Academician Huang Jianping’s Team

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       Recently, Lanzhou University received a thank -you letter from the State Council's comprehensive group of of Covid-19 epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism. The letter expressed the gratitude to the contribution of the team of Academician Huang Jianping for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and commented on comrades who continued to do hard work and dedicated to participating in the predictions of the epidemic for the party and country at this hard time. 
       The letter stated that since May 2022, Covid-19 have successively occurred in Beijing, Jiangsu, Anhui, Gansu and other provinces and cities. And evaluating work, give full play to the advantages of the analysis of the epidemic situation, provide a scientific basis for the rapid decision -making of the above -mentioned regional epidemic prevention and control, and provide theoretical support for the local epidemic on -site disposal.
       Academician Huang Jianping's team of Lanzhou University conducted predictions and evaluations of theCovid-19 epidemic from May 17th to July 31st, giving full play to the advantages of the analysis and judgment of the epidemic situation, and providing a scientific basis for the rapid decision -making of the above -mentioned regional epidemic situation as well as theoretical support for the on -site disposal of the Covid-19. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, Academician Huang Jianping led the team to take national needs as its responsibility. From a professional perspective, the world's first 'Covid-19 Epidemic Prediction System' was developed to provide scientific prediction  for the development of global epidemic.It provides scientific prediction and early warning information for the development of global epidemic, and provides important reference and scientific basis for the government to formulate control measures, allocate medical resources , manage transportation and social and economic activities.Since its launch, the system's prediction results for the emergence of Covid-19 in China are basically consistent with the actual development trend (accuracy rate of 88.5%). Academician Huang Jianping also won the 'National Science and Technology System's Advanced Collective of the National Science and Technology System against the Covid-19'. In the future, the team will continue to develop more suitable prevention and control measures and minimize the impact of epidemic on the people's lives.