Lanzhou University and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau Sign a Cooperation Agreement

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       In order to further deepen the cooperation between bureau and university in the new era, promote the integration of science and education, and accelerate the construction of first-class atmospheric science disciplines, on August 28th, Lanzhou University and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony at the Chengguan campus. Luo Hui, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Ningxia Meteorological Bureau, Chen Nan, Deputy Director, and Chen Ximeng, Vice President of Lanzhou University, attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Tian Xulong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Atmospheric Sciences.
       Before the signing ceremony, Yan Chunhua, academician of the CAS Member and president of Lanzhou University, met with Luo Hui and her delegation.
       Yan Chunhua welcomed and thanked Luo Hui and her delegation. He stated that the meteorological industry is a technological, fundamental, and pioneering social public welfare undertaking. Lanzhou University has always adhered to the guidance of national needs and bravely shouldered the historical mission of cultivating top-notch meteorological talents and innovating meteorological technology. The Ningxia Meteorological Bureau is an important platform for schools to promote bureau school cooperation and promote the cultivation of meteorological professionals. The signing of the cooperation agreement will be conducive to relying on the respective advantageous resources of both sides, comprehensively improving the quality of talent training of Lanzhou University, promoting the transformation of scientific research and scientific and technological achievements, enabling local economic and social development with high-quality meteorological development, striving to write a chapter of Chinese path to modernization and meteorological modernization in the northwest, and jointly promoting the high-quality development of atmospheric science and meteorological cause.
       Luo Hui expressed gratitude to Lanzhou University for supporting the high-quality development of Ningxia Meteorological Department over the years. She stated that Ningxia is a leading area for national scientific and technological cooperation, and the Ningxia Meteorological Bureau attaches great importance to foreign scientific and technological cooperation, with good scientific research and pilot conditions. The Ningxia Meteorological Bureau and Lanzhou University have a long history of cooperation. The signing of this cooperation agreement is of great significance for deepening the cooperation between the bureau and the university in the new era and new journey, as well as deepening the new model of complementary advantages and coordinated development between the two sides. Both sides will work together in innovation platform construction, scientific research project cooperation, subject talent cultivation, and integration of scientific and educational resources to create a base for scientific and technological innovation and talent cultivation in the meteorological field, and jointly promote high-quality development of meteorology.
       At the signing ceremony, Chen Ximeng stated that both sides will take this signing as an opportunity to carry out comprehensive and multi-disciplinary cooperation in key areas such as weather forecasting, climate prediction, climate change, professional forecasting, and ecological remote sensing, focusing on the high-quality development needs of modern meteorological business. Lanzhou University will leverage its own advantages, conscientiously implement the various contents of the agreement, promote deep integration of industry, academia, and research, and make its due contribution to the construction of meteorological modernization and global climate governance.
       Chen Nan and Tian Wenshou, Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Participants from both sides had in-depth exchanges on weather forecasting, climate change, atmospheric health, and student employment.
       The main person in charge of the Scientific Research and Forecasting Department of the Ningxia Meteorological Bureau, as well as relevant officials from the Academic Affairs Office, Institute of Science and Technology Development, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Lanzhou University, attended the signing ceremony.