Students of Lanzhou University participated in the "Sun Yat-sen University" Marine Comprehensive Scientific Examination Activity

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       In order to promote interdisciplinary integration and strengthen cooperation and exchange between universities in the field of scientific research internships, from July 6th to July 9th, the Marine Science Exploration Center of Sun Yat-sen University organized the 2023 summer scientific research internship course based on the 'Sun Yat-sen University' marine comprehensive research ship. Three students, Wang Ying, Li Hongyan, and Xu Yihui, from the College of Atmospheric Science at Lanzhou University, participated in the 'Sun Yat sen University' marine scientific examination internship under the leadership of Professor Wang Jinyan. This scientific examination was attended by 45 teachers and students from seven universities, including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Lanzhou University, and Hehai University.
       On the morning of July 6th, the faculty and students of the college boarded the ship in an orderly manner. Dong Wenjie, Yu Weidong, Captain Lan Minghua, and others from Sun Yat sen University held a pre flight mobilization meeting for the participants. In the afternoon, all the scientific research team members participated in safety training and visited various laboratories on board in the multifunctional hall. In the evening, in the multifunctional hall, Wang Jinyan from Lanzhou University, Ding Shuoyi from Fudan University, and Long Shangmin from Hehai University brought exciting academic lectures to the students, making them feel the charm of the 'swing classroom' up close.
       On the morning of July 7th, all participating teachers and students conducted their first assignment, which involved the release of sounding balloons. Associate Professor Han Bo explained in detail the working principle of sounding balloons and the structure of sensors. Under the leadership of Professor Han, three students in the college inflated the sounding balloons, fixed the detection instruments, and safely released them. The detectors transmitted the data in real-time to the ground receiving station through radio, so that meteorological element observation data can be received in real-time on the computer terminal and vertical contour features can be observed. After completing the scientific research assignment for the day, in the afternoon, all crew members and participating teachers and students conducted a safety drill to familiarize themselves with the use and location of various life-saving devices. The chief officer explained in detail the relevant precautions for escape and the use of lifeboats, in order to evacuate as quickly as possible in case of emergency and ensure the safety of all crew members to the maximum extent possible.
       On the morning of July 8th, the sea conditions were good. Under the arrangement and guidance of the teacher, everyone completed the ocean optical observation and ocean CTD water collection observation. In the morning, Teacher Cui Tingwei gave a lecture on the steps and precautions for ocean optical observation, and then conducted assignments in groups on the starboard side of the ship. Before the operation, all team members should wear life jackets and safety helmets. With the assistance of Teacher Chen Litong and teaching assistants, the optical detection equipment should be slowly lowered into the seawater. The seawater color should be compared with the seawater sampling colorimetric plate, and the corresponding seawater color should be recorded. Finally, the cable was retracted and the detection instruments were properly placed to successfully complete the operation. In the afternoon, engineer Zeng Xin explained the working principle and operation steps of CTD water harvesting equipment. Under the guidance of Teacher Zeng, the students watched the automated process of CTD water harvesting equipment entering the sea. In the operation room of the seawater temperature salinity depth measurement system (CTD), everyone hands-on learned the process of hanging and collecting water bottles; In the instrument operation and maintenance room, they learned about the use of CTD deck units and control software, and worked with the staff in the operation room to complete the placement of CTD equipment. At the same time, they conducted underwater water extraction operations at the computer terminal.
       On the evening of July 8th, all participating teachers and students participated in the voyage summary meeting. Captain Lan Minghua congratulated on the smooth completion of the voyage, and teachers and students from various universities summarized the voyage and shared their experience of participating. Dong Wenjie from Sun Yat-sen University, Li Qingqing from Nanjing University of Information Technology, and others brought the second 'swing classroom' academic lecture to the students.
       On the morning of July 9th, the 'Sun Yat-sen University' successfully docked at the Shantou Station in Hong Kong, and the four-day maritime scientific research activity was successfully concluded. The Shantou Alumni Association of Sun Yat-sen University warmly welcomes the arrival of the 'Sun Yat-sen University' in Shantou and board the ship to have a friendly exchange with the participating teachers and students.
       During the summer scientific examination internship of 'Sun Yat-sen University', the college students studied diligently, enriching their internship experience, expanding their professional horizons, and conducting in-depth exchanges with teachers and students from other sister universities, fully demonstrating the energetic and positive spirit of atmospheric students. At the same time, we would like to express my gratitude to all the personnel involved in this offshore internship, especially Sun Yat-sen University for providing students with the opportunity to 'board a big ship, go to the deep sea, and do great things' at sea. We sincerely wish all the participants all the best in their future studies and work, and jointly contribute to the construction of a strong maritime country.