Gan Ruhui

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       Gan Ruhui, PhD, engineer. Dr. Gan mainly engaged in data assimilation and numerical weather prediction research.
Educational experience:
2012.09~2016.06, Lanzhou University, Atmospheric sciences, Bachelor
2016.09~2019.06, Lanzhou University, Meteorology, Master
2019.09~2023.06, Lanzhou University, Meteorology, PhD
2023.11~present, Lanzhou University, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Engineer
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2.Gan R., Yang Y., Qiu X., Liu P., Wang X. & Gu K. A Scheme to Suppress Spurious Convection by Assimilating the 'Zero' Column Maximum Vertical Velocity. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2022, 127(4): e2021JD035536.
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