The delegation of the College of Atmospheric Sciences went to the China Meteorological Administration for research and exchange

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       In order to accelerate the construction of first-class disciplines, improve the quality of talent cultivation, strengthen scientific research cooperation and exchange, and promote high-quality and full employment of graduates, the Party Secretary of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, Tian Xulong, and the Dean, Huang Zhongwei, led a delegation of 7 people to relevant departments of the China Meteorological Administration for research and exchange, and held a symposium.
       On April 12th, the research team went to the Personnel Department of the China Meteorological Administration for research and exchange. Yu Miao, Director of the Comprehensive Department, and Xin Yuan, Director of the Training Department, participated in the research. Tian Xulong, on behalf of the college, expressed gratitude to the Personnel Department of the China Meteorological Administration for their long-term care and support. He reported on the overall situation of the college's 2024 graduates and the situation of the special job fair, hoping to continue supporting the talent cultivation and student employment work of the College of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University. Yu Miao stated that Lanzhou University has a profound academic background and is the cradle of meteorological talent cultivation in China. He hopes that both sides can strengthen communication and exchange, and carry out in-depth cooperation in talent employment guidance, meteorological department education improvement projects, and other areas to continuously provide high-quality talents for China's meteorological department. The attendees had in-depth exchanges on the construction of master's degrees in meteorology, student employment, and talent cultivation.
       On the morning of the 12th, the research team conducted a survey and held a symposium at the Meteorological Cadre Training College of the China Meteorological Administration. Yu Yubin, Dean of the College, Guo Caili, Vice Dean, and relevant center leaders attended the symposium. On behalf of the college, Tian Xulong thanks the Cadre Training College for its support and assistance to the college. He hopes to further provide Lanzhou University with more opportunities and support in business training, joint fund application, and basic course teaching. Huang Zhongwei introduced the current development status and future development plans of the college from the aspects of disciplinary development, faculty, scientific research, talent cultivation, enrollment and employment. Yu Yubin stated that with the connection of Academician Chou Jifan and other predecessors, the Meteorological Cadre Training College has a very long and profound relationship with the College of Atmospheric Science of Lanzhou University. In the future, he will fully support the construction of first-class disciplines in atmospheric science and the construction of professional master's degree programs at Lanzhou University. He hopes that both sides can complement each other's strengths and deepen cooperation in personnel exchange and visits, science and education integration, training and teaching.
       At the symposium , Director of the National Meteorological Center, Jin Ronghua, thanked Lanzhou University for providing a large number of outstanding talents to the center and highly affirmed the supporting role of our graduates in the business department. She stated that both sides need to further strengthen their contacts and carry out in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as joint training of graduate students, joint awards, joint field observations, personnel exchanges and visits, academic cooperation, achievement transformation, part-time teaching, and student internship practice. They should use theory to support practice, practice to feed back scientific research, improve the efficiency of meteorological forecasting services, and achieve win-win cooperation. Tian Xulong stated that as a national level weather forecast center, the National Meteorological Center is responsible for the production and release of national and even global weather forecasts, as well as monitoring and warning of large-scale catastrophic weather. It is a new highland for talent cultivation in our university. We hope to sign a cooperation agreement with the Meteorological Center to strengthen cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research cooperation, data sharing, talent exchange, internship employment, and achievement transformation. Huang Zhongwei reported on the the Belt and Road Environmental and Climate Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning International Major Science Project, and introduced the scientific research, project application, joint construction of key laboratories, etc.
       On the afternoon of the 12th, the research team went to the Department of Science, Technology and Climate Change to study and conduct research, and exchanged ideas on bureau school cooperation, one school one policy, meteorological science and education alliance, and other matters. Yan Guanhua, the second level inspector of the Department of Science, Technology and Climate Change, said that the China Meteorological Administration and Lanzhou University have established deep ties. This year, the two sides will implement and update the strategic cooperation agreement as soon as possible, and further refine the terms in joint research, talent training, academic exchanges and other aspects; I hope to jointly organize academic conferences and other high-level academic exchange activities with the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, in order to enhance the influence of atmospheric science at Lanzhou University.
       This visit and research activity has gained a deeper understanding of the actual needs of the national meteorological department in scientific research, talent cultivation, and achievement transformation. It has strengthened the external cooperation and connection of the college, and put forward new requirements and expanded new ideas for deepening bureau school cooperation and serving the development of the national meteorological industry. The college will maintain its traditional advantages, open up new development tracks, and continuously improve the quality of talent cultivation and research level around national needs, further enhance its ability to run and govern the college, and promote the high-quality development of the college's career.
       During the research, Tian Xulong and Huang Zhongwei visited some alumni working in Beijing. Vice President Yang Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Shi Wanfeng, Director of the Department of Meteorology Professor Li Yan, and Professor Chen Bin of the Department of Atmospheric Environment visited and conducted research together.