A Cooperation Agreement was Signed by Lanzhou University and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau

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       Aims to further implement the spirit of the Tenth Party Congress of the university, deepen bureau-school cooperation, and promote the construction of first-class disciplines in atmospheric sciences, on December 4, Lanzhou University and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau formally signed a cooperation agreement. Cui Caixia, deputy secretary and director of the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau, He Qing, member and deputy director of the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau, and Xu Shengcheng, deputy secretary and vice president of Lanzhou University, attended the signing ceremony.
       Cui Caixia said that the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau and Lanzhou University have carried out extensive cooperation in arid and semi-arid climate, numerical forecasting, sand and dust storm research, and the construction of the 'Belt and Road' lidar observation network, and have achieved preliminary results. Hoping that the formal signing of the agreement can become the new starting point for in-depth cooperation.
       Xu Shengcheng said that the university will give full play to its own advantages, earnestly implement the relevant content of the cooperation agreement, and strive to achieve the goal of 'comprehensive cooperation and complementary advantages; resource sharing, mutual benefit; mutual promotion and common development'.
       Cui Caixia and Xu Shengcheng signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.
       After the ceremony, Cui Caixia and his entourage visited the atmospheric composition super monitoring station, the semi-arid climate change key laboratory of the Ministry of Education and the key laboratory of the Western Ministry of Environment and Education jointly built by our university and the Gansu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment. The recruitment was announced on the spot.