Teaching and Laboratory Center

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Teaching and Laboratory Center of College of Atmospheric Sciences and General Situation of Undergraduate Teaching:
       College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University was established in July, 2004. in the same time, the teaching and laboratory center was founded. The director is Yang Debao and the deputy director is Feng Guanghong. 
       The undergraduate education of our college includes Atmospheric Sciences major (direction of meteorology, direction of atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment), Applied Meteorology major (direction of meteorological information processing and atmospheric remote sensing). We recruit 40 to 60 students every year.      
       Lanzhou University and China Meteorology Administration (CMA) cofounded “Base for Talents development and Scientific Research of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University” in order to develop high level talents in atmospheric sciences field and realize the cooperation between the CMA and college. The atmospheric sciences base class was recruited from 2004, with 40-50 students a year.
       According to key strategic adjustment made by the Central Military Commission, which entrusts the development of military talents to local universities, College of Atmospheric Sciences and the military cofounded “Base for Military Meteorological Talents Development”. The national defense class of military meteorology was recruited from 2004, with 80 students every year. At present, there are 450 undergraduates of this college.
Institutions of Teaching and Laboratory Center:
       The institutions of teaching and laboratory center are as follows: 4 laboratories which are Laboratory of Atmospheric Numerical Simulation and Meteorological Disaster,Laboratory of Weather Analysis and Prediction, Laboratory of Atmospheric Exploration and Remote Sensing, Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry; Archives Room of Base of Atmospheric Sciences Talents Development, the Assessment Room for the Undergraduate Teaching Quality of Atmospheric Sciences. The Applied Meteorological Laboratory and Military Meteorological Laboratory are under construction.
Basic tasks for the teaching and laboratory center:
       The amendment of undergraduates teaching plans, the arrangement and realization of teaching tasks, the normal operation of every part of undergraduates teaching;
       The arrangement and realization of experiments and internship both inside and outside of the school, normal operation of every laboratory;
       The arrangement of mentors, title selections, experimental calculation, results assessment of oral defense of graduation thesis of undergraduates;
       The development and construction of undergraduate laboratories and archive rooms;
The normal operation of the assessment room of undergraduate teaching.
Staff Structure of Teaching and Laboratory Center:
       The teaching and laboratory center of College of Atmospheric Sciences owns a high-level team of teaching and experiment. There are more than 30 teachers in this college, part-time and full-time professors, associate professors of laboratories, senior engineers and laboratory technicians.
The Construction of Teaching Infrastructure:   
       Well-equipped infrastructure of teaching and laboratory is a necessary for talents development. In order to improve the level of teaching infrastructure, the investment of laboratories construction was enlarged by the university and college. With support from the national “985 Project” and “211 Project”, original laboratories of teaching were changed and supplemented to improve the basic conditions for both teaching and scientific research. Before the construction of “211 Project” and “985 Project”, the total value of equipment and instruments in Atmospheric Sciences was only 1200 thousand yuan. With the support from these two projects, 3200 thousand yuan were put into use in 2000, 1200 thousand yuan in 2003, 1800 thousand yuan in 2004, and 4600 thousand yuan were predicted to put into use in 2005. Thus, the accumulated total value of those equipment and instruments would reach 12,000 thousand yuan. These instruments can basically assist the teaching, internship and experiments task for undergraduates. Some of them even can be shared with postgraduates and used in scientific research.    
       In order to fulfill intern tasks of comprehensive field inspection and prediction of atmospheric sciences, the college assigned agreements with many departments, include Gansu Meteorology Administration, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Meteorology Administration, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorology Administration and Qinghai Meteorology Administration. A “Teaching and Internship Base for Atmospheric Sciences” were established and laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the practical teaching quality of undergraduates. In the same time, both parties hired senior professional technicians as part-time researchers, professors, postgraduate mentors and undergraduates intern instructors. In this way, the talents resource co-sharing was realized and the mutual development of atmospheric sciences cause was prompted.
The Construction of Base Archives Room for Atmospheric Sciences Talents Development:      
       After the establishment of College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, the construction of base archives room for atmospheric sciences talents development was on the way. The archives and literature information room of the college mainly serves both teaching and scientific research, which is pursuing “open and digital” service method and improving service quality and business level. With an acreage of about 100 square meters, it shares space with the teaching assessment room and locates in the third floor of Meteorology Building of Yuzhong campus.
       1. There are 407 meteorological books published in recent years;
       2. Historical weather atlas (1960-2000);
       3. Terrestrial meteorology monthly report (1960-2000);
       4. High altitude meteorology monthly report (1960-2000);
       5. About 1000 historical archives of pressure, temperature, wind and wetness;
       6. All teaching archives and documents of Atmospheric Sciences in recent 5 years.
       The abundance of literature materials directly reflected the overall standard of teaching and scientific research, it is also an important indicator in the assessment of talents development and discipline construction. After development of many years, there are many Chinese journals, Foreign languages journals, maps, books of both Chinese and foreign languages.
       With the development of our college, the archives room will be improved further. Well-equipped archives rooms will bring convenience to both undergraduates and postgraduates, in the same time, provide reference to undergraduates for their graduation papers.