Semiarid climate and Environmental Observation Station of Lanzhou University

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       The climate observation station of Lanzhou University was approved to join the international CEOP project and served as one of the global coordinated enhancement observation stations which took part in this plan. Since 1995, the global society started two research plans which are called as “Climate Variability and Predictability Program (CLIVAR)” and “Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX)”, focus on the influence of both air-sea interaction and land-sea interaction on climate variability respectively. These two plans were called as “research plans in 21st century”. Now, these two plans started together to do “Coordinated Enhancement Observation Period” (CEOP) experiment. At present, CEOP established 32 base stations in the world, 3 of them are located in China. Yuzhong station of Lanzhou University will be the second CEOP station which established by China independently. It covered aspects of climate, environment, ecology, hydrology, remote sensing and social economic. The construction of this station was started from 2005,put into trial in 2006 and put into officially use after synchronization in2007.


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