The Graduate Party Branch of the College of Atmospheric Sciences Jointly Held the Theme of the Party Day Activities

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       On the morning of December 1, the theoretical study center group of the Party Committee of the College of Atmospheric Sciences held a meeting to study and discuss the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee. Quan Liangzhu, deputy leader of the 12th Steering Group of Party History Learning and Education in Central Management College, Zhang Yongran, member of the group, and Cao Aihui, deputy secretary of the school party committee and director of the Office of the School’s Party History Learning and Education Leading Group Office, attended the meeting, and all members of the college center group attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Weiguo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College.
       At the meeting, members of the Central Group of the Party Committee of the College of Atmospheric Sciences collectively studied the 'Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s Major Achievements and Historical Experiences in a Century of Struggle' and the article 'The Fundamental Plan of Successors Must Be Grasped' written by Minister Chen Xi. The members of the center group closely focused on the theme of talent team construction, combined with the college’s '14th Five-Year Plan', first-class discipline construction goals, personal learning experience and actual work in charge, and they communicated with each other.
       Cao Aihui pointed out that the Party Committee of the College of Atmospheric Sciences must adhere to the study and implementation of the spirit of the plenary session with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on July 1st, combine it with the deepening of party history learning and education, and draw wisdom from the party’s centuries-old history of struggle.We should further improve political judgment, political insight, and political execution, and transform the learning results into the spirit of business entrepreneurs, and implement them in the specific actions of the current work.
       Quan Liangzhu highly affirmed the achievements of the College of Atmospheric Sciences in the construction of the talent team and the effect of the special study and discussion of the theoretical center group, and put forward guiding opinions on the next step of the College's party committee. The first is to further play the political core role, strengthen political leadership and political absorption, play the leading and leading role of experts, scholars, party members and cadres, and advanced models to enhance the professionalism and sense of responsibility of all teachers and students to take root in the Northwest, make contributions, take root in the University of Lanzhou, and be an entrepreneur ; The second is to closely integrate the implementation of the central inspection and rectification tasks, enhance the awareness of serving the national strategy and serving the western region, give full play to the advantages of first-class disciplines, and actively undertake major national projects;The third is to strengthen investigation and research, proactively discover and solve system and mechanism problems that affect the quality of talent training, and form effective response measures and mechanisms; fourth, focus on 'doing practical things' and 'opening new ground', and on what teachers and students are desperate for; care about the growth and development of young teachers, actively play the role of grassroots party branches, organically integrate party history learning and education with party building work, and further promote the development of the college.
       On behalf of the College party committee, Wang Weiguo thanked the central steering group and College leaders for their guidance, saying that the college party committee will strictly follow the arrangements of the central and school party committees, and strive to implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee into the college’s party building, party history study and education. We will led the teachers and students of the College to work hard and march forward courageously, and continuously promote the high-quality connotative development of the College.