Lanzhou University held a symposium on the spirit of studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important reply to the representative of the Huang Danian-style teacher team of colleges and universities across the country

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       In order to guide teachers to conscientiously unify their thoughts and actions to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important reply to the representative of the Huang Danian teacher team of colleges and universities across the country, continuously improve the education and teaching ability and level, implement the fundamental task of strengthen moral education and cultivate people, and be a good guide for the growth of students , on the morning of October 22, Lanzhou University held a symposium on the spirit of studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important reply to the representatives of the Huang Danian-style teacher team in colleges and universities across the country. School Party Secretary Ma Xiaojie, Vice President Sha Yongzhong, Professor Huang Jianping, the leader of the first batch of Huang Danian-style teachers in the country, and representatives of teachers returning from overseas and young teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sha Yongzhong.
       Before the meeting, the participants watched the video material 'Huang Danian: I have a big heart and I sincerely serve the country'. They have a deep understanding of the touching deeds of Comrade Huang Danian's selfless dedication and sincere service to the country, and learned about the new generation of scientific and technological workers’ patriotism that caring for their homeland and serving the people.
       At the meeting, Huang Jianping introduced the learning experience of the reply spirit from the five aspects of 'basic situation of the team', 'spring wind and rain, ethics and cultivation of people', 'pioneering and innovative, dedicated to scholarship', 'family and country feelings, science and technology to serve the country' and 'persistence only because of love'. Since returning to China in 2003, Huang Jianping led the team to start with the basic work of constructing the observation station, went deep into the sand and dust source area, carried out many large-scale field observation experiments, and obtained a series of innovative research results, which strongly promoted my country's climate observation research. The development of the world’s first 'Global New Crown Epidemic Prediction System' has brought out a team of Huang Danian-style teachers in colleges and universities across the country that stick to the northwest.He said that teachers should take the country as their home, lead by example with practical actions, and teach by example with the responsibility and mission of a scientist. Give students knowledge, cultivate their abilities, and help them to shape a correct outlook on life and values. The true knowledge and vision of many years of scientific research has led the team and students to forge ahead on the road of scientific research. In the future, we will adhere to the original aspiration of 'taking national needs as our mission' and strive to build the Western Ecological Security Collaborative Innovation Center into a world-class scientific research platform.
       Professor Meng Xingmin, Dean of the School of Geological Sciences and Mineral Resources, Professor Wang Yuhua from the School of Materials and Energy, Professor Wang Jizeng from the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Professor Bai Yudong from the School of History and Culture, and Professor Sun Hui from the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University made speeches as representatives of overseas returned teachers. Teacher Qi Fei from the School of Liberal Arts and Teacher Lei Shi from the School of Public Health spoke as representatives of young teachers. From different angles, they talked freely about learning and understanding the profound experience of the important reply spirit, and shared their experience and thinking about their hard work and dedication in the front line of teaching and research, educating people for the party, and educating talents for the country.
       In his speech, Ma Xiaojie expressed his heartfelt thanks and respect to the teachers working in the front line, and shared his learning experience. He said, “Have a great heart, serve the country sincerely, teach and educate people, dare to be the first, indifferent to fame and fortune, and willing to contribute.” It is a high-level summary of the deeds and lofty spirit of Comrade Huang Danian. Encouragement and requests from the broad masses of intellectuals have inspired us to see the best and strive to be the 'big men' of the new era. The majority of teachers must keep in mind the original mission of educating people for the party and the country, implement the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, and truly unify learning, doing things, and being people, and strive to be believers, practitioners, disseminators and disseminators of Huang Danian’s spirit. The successor shoulders the important task of the times that every university teaching and research worker must undertake.
       Ma Xiaojie said that in the 112 years of development, generations of Lan University have taken root in the northwest, worked hard, and made selfless dedication, forming the Lan University spirit of 'continuous self-improvement and uniqueness', laying a solid foundation for the school's 'double first-class' construction. The root of the great strength of Lanzhou University's career development lies in the vast number of teachers and students. All units must do a good job of serving teachers, listen to everyone's voice, and actively create a good atmosphere for the growth of 'Mr. Big', so that teachers can teach and educate people without distraction. Teachers should base their own characteristics and give full play to their advantages to make up for their shortcomings, and serve national strategies such as the development of the western region, the “Belt and Road” construction, the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin, and high-quality development; In the great history, the excellent teachers around him are in line with each other, inspiring and working hard to make the contribution of Lanzhou University in the journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
       Relevant persons in charge of the organization department, teacher work department, human resources department and other functional departments attended the meeting.