A National and School-level College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program Project Conclusion and Approval Defense Meeting was Held

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       In order to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent training, deepen the 'integration of lessons, competition and practice' , promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and improve the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship talent training, the 2021 National and University-level College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program project conclusion and approval defense meeting was held in the College of Yu Zhong campus. The defense invited Professors Chen Qiang, Ma Yuxia, Wang Ying, Su Jing, Associate Professor Wang Zhiting, Wei Linbo, Liang Jiening, teachers Wu Xueke, Wang Rui, Wang Yang and Zhang Zhengtai to serve as judges, and the defense meeting was presided over by Li Peibei, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee.
       The defense was divided into four groups. Each project leader elaborated on the research project in detail through carefully prepared PPT from the aspects of project background, research objectives, research methods, research process, and research results, and answered the judges carefully. The judges listened carefully to the project report of each team, commented on the project's research results, research strategy, technical route and other content, and gave valuable opinions and suggestions on the problems in the project. The project leaders carefully listened to the opinions of the judges, and humbly asked the judges for their confusion in the research. The meeting was lively and orderly, and the progress was smooth.
       This defense meeting examined the research results of the college's students' innovative projects in the past year, strengthened exchanges and learning, demonstrated the good spirit of the students, improved the students' innovative thinking ability, further created a warm atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship for the college, and accumulated experience in cultivating more high-quality innovative projects.