The College of Atmospheric Sciences Invites Mr. Chen Honglei as a Guest at the "Cloud Observation Forum"

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       To thoroughly study and implement the party's 20 spirit, earnestly implement the 2023 college graduates employment second scheduling video conference spirit, analyze the current employment situation,and improve college undergraduate discipline professional accomplishment, on March 9 in the afternoon, Mr Chen Honglei , deputy general manager of China aerospace science and industry group 23 new aerospace technology co., LTD., was invited as a guest at the 15th'Cloud Observation Forum ' report in yuZhong campus Qin Ling hall A101 for teachers and students. The report titled plan wonderful career dream, make military future.
       The report focuses on three aspects: industry perception, career planning and company introduction. Chen Honglei triggered students' understanding and thinking about atmospheric science and pointed out the possible employment direction in the future. Then, from the three aspects of self-assessment, social practice and professional advantages, he helped students to clarify their own direction, establish their self-value, and plan the future in detail. He hopes they can 'get up where they fall' and 'from dedication to career', and contribute their youth strength to the space power and meteorological power. At the end of the report, Chen Honglei introduced the basic situation of Aerospace New Weather Technology Co., Ltd., the general situation of the meteorological industry and the talent growth channel for the students. He also said that students are welcome to actively practice, and will provide help within their ability. After the meeting, Chen Honglei communicated and discussed with the students.
       The purpose of this report is to help the middle and lower grade students of the college to deeply understand the talent needs of the industry and the development prospects of the enterprise, which not only expands the vision of the students, but also enables them to have a close contact with the cutting-edge technology in the subject field, and effectively understand the employment path. In the future, the College of Atmospheric Sciences will strengthen the cooperation between colleges, enterprises, and enterprises, promote the deep integration of industry, education and research, build a high-quality employment platform, and improve the quality of students' employment.
       News background:
       In order to effectively improve the comprehensive quality of students, the College of Atmospheric Sciences has established the 'Cloud Observation Forum' since 2020. By inviting renowned scholars, industry experts, and outstanding alumni to hold academic lectures, presentations, experience exchange meetings, academic salons, etc., it stimulates students' enthusiasm for self-directed learning and comprehensively enhances their innovation and entrepreneurship ability, academic research level, employment competitiveness, and comprehensive literacy.