The College of Atmospheric Sciences invited alumni Mai Xiaoping as a guest at the "Guan Yun Forum"

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       In order to let students understand the life of polar scientific research, further improve their career planning ability, and clarify their future career development direction, on the afternoon of June 2, the College of Atmospheric Sciences invited 2011 alumnus and engineer of the National Marine Environment Prediction Center Mai Xiaoping as a guest of the ' Guan Yun Forum ', and made a report entitled 'From Lanzhou University to the Polar -- A Wonderful Journey for Meteorologists' at the Tianshan Hall C302, Yuzhong Campus. The report meeting was chaired by Yang Yi, vice president of the college.
       The report focuses on three aspects: study at Lanzhou University, work in Beijing and polar scientific examination. In combination with his own learning experience, Mai Xiaoping shared with the students about his academic and career development path. He introduced his life in polar scientific research in detail, pointed out the strategic value, rich resources and scientific significance of the polar region, comprehensively demonstrated the weather phenomena and biology in the polar region through wonderful pictures and videos, and answered the students' questions about the polar scientific research. He encouraged students to focus on improving themselves, enriching after-school activities, sticking to their goals, and transforming their inner thoughts into down-to-earth actions.
       After the report, Mai Xiaoping had an in-depth exchange and discussion with the on-site students.
       This report will help students to effectively understand the life of the polar scientific examination, provide a platform for in-depth communication with outstanding alumni in the front line of scientific research, and provide ideas and directions for future career planning, employment and career choice.
       News background:
       In order to effectively improve the comprehensive quality of students, the College of Atmospheric Sciences started to set up the 'Guan Yun Forum' in 2020. By inviting well-known scholars, industry experts, outstanding alumni, etc. to hold academic lectures, reports, experience exchanges, academic salons, etc., students' enthusiasm for independent learning is stimulated, and students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, academic research level, employment competitiveness and comprehensive quality are comprehensively improved.