Lanzhou University's Meteorological Students in Liaoning Province Donated Money to Help Fight the Epidemic

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       Recently, the epidemic prevention and control in Lanzhou City is severe and complex. The epidemic prevention and control work of Lanzhou University is also at a critical stage when the whole school is working together to overcome the difficulties. The epidemic prevention work of teachers and students staying in the school also affects the hearts of the majority of alumni at all times. The meteorological students in Liaoning Province actively raised funds, and took the initiative to dock with the college to donate funds to support the epidemic prevention and control, personnel training, student activities, etc. of the College of Atmospheric Sciences.
       On August 5, the college purchased a carton of milk for all the graduate students in the school. Later, the college will purchase protective materials such as alcohol gel and masks for teachers and students. The meteorological students in Liaoning said that in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control in the school, as a meteorological student of Lanzhou University, it is their duty to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work in their alma mater. This batch of anti-epidemic living materials is full of their deep concern for the alma mater, and represents the ardent affection of the alumni who always help the college through trials and hardships.
       On the morning of August 5, Tian Xulong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Li Peibei, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, had a discussion with the representatives of the graduate students in the college, and conveyed the love and greetings of the alumni and college leaders to the graduate students in the college. At the symposium, the students thanked the seniors for their help in learning and living, and said they would continue to work hard to learn and exercise, expand their horizons, increase their talents, and keep up with the outstanding alumni. At the same time, as a member of the school, we will go all out to support and cooperate with the arrangements of the school. I believe that under the guidance and care of the school leaders and teachers, we will be able to win the campus epidemic prevention and control battle as soon as possible and meet our normal campus life together!
       Tian Xulong pointed out he hoped that students would fulfill their personal and social responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, care for students, help each other on guard, overcome difficulties and welcome the day when the epidemic disappeared with the school.
       Thanks to the meteorological students in Liaoning Province who are deeply attached to their alma mater and generously help them during this critical period, and passed on the heavy feelings of alumni to them. They worked together with their alma mater through practical actions. This sentiment will encourage all atmospheric people to work together to overcome the difficulties, resolutely fight to win the war of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the health of teachers and students and the safety of the campus.