Academician Wang Huijun Visits Our University's "Centennial Lanzhou University? Famous Lecture Hall"

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       On May 22, at the invitation of Lanzhou University, Professor Wang Huijun, an academician of the CAS Member, an academician of the Norwegian Academy of Technology, and the director of the Academic Committee of Nanjing University of Information Engineering, visited the 'Centennial Lanzhou University· Famous Lecture Hall' and delivered an academic report entitled 'Extreme Events in China Since the Summer of 2020 and Their Causes' at the Guochang Lecture Hall, Yifu Biological Building, West District, Chengguan Campus. Huang Jianping, academician of the CAS Member, and more than 300 teachers and students of the university attended the ceremony. The report is chaired by Professor Gou Xiaohua, Vice President.
       Academician Wang Huijun stated that extreme climate events have occurred frequently in China since the summer of 2020; By analyzing eight extreme events, including the 'super violent plum blossom' in 2020, the extremely heavy rainstorm in July 2021 in Zhengzhou, the super strong sandstorm in North China in 2021 and 2023, the persistent high temperature heat wave in the summer of 2022, and drought and little rain, it is indicated that the last three years may be the three years with the most extreme events and the strongest extreme events since China's modern meteorological records, and the extreme weather and climate events in China show new characteristics of continuity, mass occurrence, and complexity. In recent years, the causes of extreme climate events have been complex, resulting from a combination of human activities and coupled processes of sea land atmosphere. Academician Wang Huijun stated that the difficulty of predicting extreme climate events is a major challenge in the current field of climate science. Therefore, it is still necessary to increase research on extreme climate events to support China's scientific and standardized response to extreme climate events.
       Academician Wang Huijun proposed five issues related to climate system prediction and stated that the focus of climate system prediction research is on innovation, while also emphasizing integrated research in applications.
       After the report, Academician Wang Huijun had interactive exchanges with participating teachers and students on issues such as extreme weather and climate research and graduate training.