The 2023 National Conference on Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment was successfully held in Lanzhou

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       From May 10th to 12th, the 2023 Academic Conference on Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment, co hosted by the College of Atmospheric Sciences, the Key Laboratory of Semiarid Climate Change of the Ministry of Education, and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Western Ecological Security, was successfully held in Lanzhou. More than 400 well-known experts, scholars, and business representatives from China who are engaged in research related to atmospheric environment remote sensing, attended the conference. They are Lv Daren, Academician of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huang Jianping, Academician of Lanzhou University, Professor Hua Dengxin, Vice President of Xi'an University of Technology, Weng Fuzhong, Chief Scientist of the Numerical Prediction Center of the China Meteorological Administration, Sun Wenbo, Researcher of Zhejiang Donghai Laboratory, Chen Liangfu, Researcher of the Aerospace Information Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xue Yong, Professor of the China University of Mining and Technology, Zhao Chunsheng, Professor of Peking University,Professor Wu Lixin from Central South University, and ect..
       The opening ceremony of the conference on the morning of May 11th was presided over by Professor Tian Wenshou, Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University. Vice President Gou Xiaohua, Academician Lv Daren, and Academician Huang Jianping of Lanzhou University delivered speeches respectively. On behalf of Lanzhou University, Gou Xiaohua welcomed and thanked all scholars for their visit, and introduced the achievements of Lanzhou University in recent years. He hoped that the attending experts could provide valuable opinions on Lanzhou University and guide the development of related disciplines at the university. Academician Lv Daren emphasized the importance of atmospheric remote sensing research and his satisfaction for the flourishing development of atmospheric remote sensing discipline, and wished the conference a complete success. Academician Huang Jianping introduced the theme of this conference, 'Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Environment under the Dual Carbon Goals'. He indicated that cooperation and exchange are essential for promoting the development of scientific research on atmospheric environment remote sensing.
       As a common challenge for humanity in the 21st century, atmospheric environmental issues have received high attention globally and have been widely practiced in comprehensive atmospheric environment management in various countries around the world. Currently, China's atmospheric environmental governance is entering a new stage of pollution reduction and carbon reduction. Remote sensing technology, as an important means of quantitatively monitoring atmospheric composition, revealing pollution mechanisms, and calculating carbon emissions, is playing an increasingly important role in national environmental assessment and prevention and control governance. Based on the theme of 'Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Environment under the Dual Carbon Goals', this academic conference has set up nine topics: (1) Comprehensive Detection, Inversion and Application of the Whole Atmosphere, (2) Greenhouse Gas Remote Sensing and Application, (3) Pollutant Gas Remote Sensing and Application, (4) Aerosol Remote Sensing and Application, (5) Cloud Remote Sensing and Application, (6) Atmospheric Radiation Transmission and Application, (7) Aerosol Cloud Climate Interaction, (8) Lidar Atmospheric Remote Sensing Technology and Applications, (9) Atmospheric Pollution and Health. The reporter and attendees discussed and exchanged ideas face-to-face, colliding with each other to create innovative sparks and crossing new directions.
       In order to encourage academic newcomers in this field to actively participate and share their research achievements, the conference held a 'New Academic Salon' on the afternoon of May 10th, inviting 12 experts to conduct on-site reviews on the research work of postdoctoral and master's and doctoral students in the fields of aerosol, cloud remote sensing and applications, and trace gas remote sensing and applications. In addition, the personnel of the Talent Office of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University delivered a speech on the talent introduction policy of Lanzhou University after the meeting, introducing the development process and current situation of Lanzhou University from several aspects of 'thickness, breadth, strength, and warmth', and providing a detailed interpretation of the policies and support for talent introduction and training at Lanzhou University.
       On the afternoon of May 12th, Professor Wu Lixin from Central South University reviewed the establishment and development of the Academic Conference on Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment, and introduced the fruitful achievements in the field of atmospheric remote sensing in recent years. The closing ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Huang Zhongwei, the chairman of the organizing committee for this session. Li Zhengqiang, the chairman of the organizing committee, made a closing speech and expressed gratitude to all experts and scholars for their participation. It was announced that the next conference will be hosted by Fudan University. Professor Zhang Feng from Fudan University gave a presentation on the preparations for the next conference.
       It is reported that the series of academic conferences on atmospheric environment remote sensing and collaborative analysis were organized by the ISPRS Atmospheric Environment Remote Sensing Working Group of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS). From 2017 to 2019, Central South University, Sun Yat-sen University, and National University of Defense Science and Technology held three 'ISPRS International Conferences on Atmospheric Environment Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis' in Changsha, Guangzhou, and Nanjing. From 2020 to 2021, Sun Yat-sen University and China University of Mining and Technology hosted two 'Young Scholars' Forums on Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment' in Zhuhai and Xuzhou, and the sponsor was the Environmental Information Systems and Remote Sensing Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences. In 2022, the organizers and main participants of previous conferences on 'Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment', together with scholars from Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, Brazil, and other countries, jointly registered and established the 'International Association for Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Environment' (AERSS) in Hong Kong. The current academic conference, hosted by Lanzhou University, is the inheritance of the conference brand of 'Remote Sensing and Collaborative Analysis of Atmospheric Environment', which contributed to the continuous construction of a high-quality academic exchange platform.