The Alumni Forum on the Development of Atmospheric Science was Successfully Held in Beijing

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       On April 13th, the 'Looking Back at History, Seeking Common Development - Alumni Forum on the Development of Atmospheric Science' jointly organized by the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University and the Atmospheric Branch of Lanzhou University Beijing Alumni Association was successfully held at the National Climate Center. Liu Canguo, Executive Vice President of Lanzhou University Beijing Alumni Association, Liu Danni, Secretary General, and more than 30 outstanding alumni representatives from research institutes, meteorological and civil aviation systems, as well as members of the college's Party Committee Secretary Tian Xulong, Dean Huang Zhongwei, and teacher representatives attended the forum in Beijing. The meeting was chaired by Zhong Weibing, President of the Atmospheric Branch of Lanzhou University Beijing Alumni Association.
       Huang Zhongwei introduced the development of the college from the aspects of historical evolution, talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, exchange and cooperation, and reported on the preliminary plan for the theme activities of the 66th and 20th anniversary of the establishment of the discipline. Tian Xulong, on behalf of the college, expresses sincere gratitude to all alumni for their long-term care and support in the construction and development of the parent school. He stated that 2024 marks the 66th anniversary of the establishment of the discipline of atmospheric science and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the college. Holding this alumni forum for the development of the discipline is to further inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the older generation of Lanzhou University's inspiring education and governance, gather the wisdom and strength of alumni, comprehensively summarize and condense development, and inject inexhaustible spiritual power and innovative vitality into promoting the leapfrog high-quality development of the college. He hopes that alumni present here can speak freely, reminisce about the beautiful campus life, actively offer suggestions and suggestions for accelerating the construction of first-class disciplines and the high-quality development of the college. Taking the 20th anniversary theme event as an opportunity, the college will devote itself to providing alumni services in multiple dimensions and levels, and continuously promote the common development of the college and alumni cause.
       The attending alumni gave enthusiastic speeches, reminisced deeply about their academic experiences, shared their current work and life conditions, combined with the current development opportunities of the college and the demand for talents in the market, and provided suggestions and suggestions for the college's development, talent cultivation, professional construction, and the construction of school enterprise platforms. They hoped that the college could create opportunities, seize opportunities, strengthen communication and cooperation, build academic platforms, and jointly carry out scientific research and research;They hoped that the college could continuously improve the quality of talent cultivation, combine market and practical needs, broaden professional perspectives, enhance comprehensive quality, and enhance the ability to solve practical problems; They hoped that the college could explore new growth points in disciplines, strengthen interdisciplinary integration, promote the construction of first-class disciplines, and enhance the influence of disciplines.
       The successfully holding of the alumni forum reflects the deep friendship between alumni and their alma mater. The college will take the theme activities of its 115th and 20th anniversary as opportunities to build a broader alumni platform, connect with alumni to look back on history and seek common development, and continuously promote the college's various undertakings to achieve new and greater achievements.