The College of Atmospheric Sciences went to Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau for research, exchange, and negotiation of cooperation

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       On March 29th, Li Jiming, Vice Dean of the College of Atmospheric Sciences, led a team of 8 professors, associate professors, and young researchers from various departments to the Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau for research and exchange, and to negotiate cooperation between the bureau and the university. Yang Wenfeng, Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau, presided over the exchange symposium. The main leaders of the Observation and Network Department, Emergency and Disaster Reduction Department, Science and Technology and Forecasting Department, Meteorological Observatory, Climate Center, and Meteorological Science Research Institute of the Provincial Bureau participated in the exchange symposium.
       Yang Wenfeng stated that after preliminary negotiations, both sides, based on the principles of mutual benefit and common development, have taken advantage of the opportunity of signing a cooperation agreement to strengthen the complementarity and sharing of advantageous resources. The achievement of the bureau school cooperation agreement will promote resource sharing and complementary advantages between the Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the College of Atmospheric Sciences of Lanzhou University, aiming to jointly promote the process of meteorological technology and social modernization. This cooperation not only benefits the improvement of the business level of Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau, but also provides strong support for the development of the College of Atmospheric Science at Lanzhou University. Li Jiming stated that through this in-depth exchange, both sides have better promoted and standardized the content of cooperation, further strengthened interaction and communication, highlighted task orientation, truly achieved joint work, and effectively solved practical problems. Both sides will engage in in-depth cooperation in modern meteorological forecasting technology, energy meteorology, carbon source and sink monitoring and evaluation, low altitude economic meteorological support, big data artificial intelligence, and other areas, focusing on demand orientation and short board projects to jointly enhance meteorological technology and innovation capabilities.
       Before the exchange symposium, Li Jiming and his delegation also visited functional departments such as the Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Remote Sensing and Economic Crop Meteorological Service Center, Artificial Climate Room, Artificial Weather Impact Center, Emergency Warning Information Release Center, and Meteorological Data Center.