College of Atmospheric Sciences Invites Alumni Zhang Zhongfeng to be a Guest at the "Guanyun Lecture"

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      The report focuses on three aspects, the relationship between aviation and meteorology, the operation system of China's civil aviation meteorological business, and the future development of private aviation meteorological business. Zhang Zhongfeng introduced the historical origin of aviation and meteorology, the impact of meteorological elements on aviation operation, and the development situation of ICAO and WMO, and explained the framework, mechanism, mode and main work of the operation of civil aviation meteorological business in detail. At the same time, taking the development of China's civil aviation industry in recent years as the starting point, he analyzed the development trends and goals of aviation meteorology in China and even the world in the future. Zhang Zhongfeng also combined his study experience at Lanzhou University and the advanced deeds of other outstanding alumni of the college to encourage students to set ambitious goals, strengthen confidence, grow up on the ground, make up for their shortcomings, and strive to make their own contributions to the cause of meteorology.
       The report will help the freshmen of the college to further understand the development prospects and cutting-edge issues of the atmospheric science major, and broaden their horizons. In the future, the College of Atmospheric Sciences will fully integrate resources, build platforms, carry out more model education for outstanding alumni, build first-class disciplines, and strive to cultivate more first-class atmospheric science talents.
       News background:
       In order to effectively improve the comprehensive quality of students, the College of Atmospheric Sciences has set up the 'Guanyun Lecture' in 2020, which will stimulate academic lectures, reports, experience exchange meetings, and academic salons by inviting well-known scholars, industry experts, and outstanding alumni to encourage students to learn independently, comprehensively enhance students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, academic research level, employment competitiveness and comprehensive quality.